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Our old life dying before we start a new one.

I don’t even have to say it though, Trent holds me tighter, rocking me gently as he whispers, “I know, I know.”

Not just saying it to be nice or comforting, but he actually knows somehow I’m a virgin.

Knows I’ve never done anything like this in my whole life.

“Is it so obvious?” I sniff, worried it’s written all over me, worried all those college pranksters were really just advertising the facts as well as hurting my feelings.

“Am I really that bad at everything?” I blub, laughing and then crying some more, wishing I could be stronger or have something less lame to say.

But it’s all music to Trent’s ears and he tells me so.

“I think you’re perfect,” he whispers, kissing my head, telling me we don’t have to do anything I don’t want to.

“I do want to though,” I almost shout, gripping him tighter, needing him to know just how much I want him. Needing him to know just how much I need him to want me still.

Taking my hands in his, he kisses them and then kisses my lips.

“I do too,” he tells me. “Just say you’re mine for now. Tell me so I don’t have to ask ever again. Tell me so when you give yourself to me it’ll be something I already have. Mine,” he murmurs.

“I am yours, Trent. Now, tonight and forever.”

I want to tell him something else, those three little words that mean so much. But I figure it’s way too early for that, isn’t it?

I mean love at first sight. Love on the first night?

That’s the sort of thing you only ever read about or see in movies.

Now, I’m not so sure.

I’m starting to think anything’s possible.

Chapter Twelve


It takes some time for her to settle down.

Her own climax is something out of this world, and I feel a steady flow of my own juices as my cock twitches while I pleasure her, aching to fill her with my seed.

But we’ve got time. All the time in the world now.

More of her epic orgasms, which is my new favorite flavor, by the way, Brooke’s emotional release is so strong it wipes her out.

We all have baggage, demons, whatever we choose to call it. But I think Brooke’s biggest fear was me laughing at her or making her feel less than, just because she’s a virgin.

Now, that couldn’t be further from the truth and like so many things we all worry about, it’s the worst thing only in our imagination.

In the real world, in my world? It’s the best news ever.

It means she really is all mine. It means nobody else has had what I have, and nobody else is going to. I’ll make damned sure of it.

It might have been a passing thought. Or maybe I just knew, but I want Brooke for who she is. Not what she has or hasn’t done.

We’ve got so much to do together, and this is just the cherry on top of the cake, literally.

Once she settles down, exhausted from her release, I watch her nap after covering her up, my own hands still exploring her smooth curves under them.

Those hips. Her fine ass and that chest.

I don’t think I’ll ever sleep again, and definitely not on my stomach with this permanent tent pole I’ve sprouted.

I feel… alive. And I certainly haven’t ever been this hard in my whole life.

But I can wait. I will wait, and when Brooke is ready, I’ll show her what it’s like to have one of those epic orgasms with me inside her.

The thunder and rain have kept up, with plenty of lightning for effect, but Brooke sleeps lightly, a little smile playing on her lips and a tiny mew from the same whenever I pass a sensitive spot on her body under the covers.

The only thing to cloud her face is the occasional ping or chime from her phone, lost on the floor somewhere along with all our clothes, tangled up and off-limits for now.

I let her sleep, curling up beside her until an old, less exciting hunger takes over.

My belly rumbles in time with the thunder, and I figure there’s no harm in making us something to eat, which Brooke can have sooner or later.

From now on, she can have whatever she wants, whenever she wants it.

Setting the heating to a more comfortable without clothes range, I don’t bother to dress and make my way to the kitchen once I know she’s asleep.

My office beckons, with a bank of flashing screens winking as I pass by but I ignore it all for now.

I’ve got the one thing worth more than any business or amount of money, right in my bed.

Why wouldn’t I want to make sure she’s just as well-fed and rested as I am?

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