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Something else I figure why bother on if I can just pay a little extra to have it done for me.

The rain outside has started again and makes dozens of tiny rivers on the floor to ceiling windows over by the balcony.

But Brooke’s gravitating towards an unlit part of the apartment, she moves closer to the window to take in the view.

Not a great view on a night like this, but I’ve probably seen it a thousand times.

Strings of lightning flash across the sky, giving a tiny snapshot of the harbor views with the horizon beyond.

“Oh wow,” she almost squeals. “It’s so beautiful.”

“It sure is,” I let her know, studying her perfect heart shaped ass from behind. “It sure is.”

She turns to catch me spying, but only flushes red with shyness, not from embarrassment.

I hope she’s getting the message that I like what I see.

A lot.

I just hope the feeling’s mutual.

The lightning keeps up, and it’s not the only electricity in the room either.

I’m acutely aware of Brooke staring at me in the reflection of the glass while she’s also looking at the storm outside.

“Not scared of the lightning?” I ask, and her head shakes. “I love it.” she shivers.

A deep booming roll of thunder sounds its agreement as I fight the urge to go to her.

To just take her in my arms and kiss her.

No. I can’t just make a pass at her like that. I need to know this is what she wants. Need her to know I want her as much as I hope she wants me.

She lingers by the windows, in the semi-darkness, and almost seems disappointed when I move away towards the kitchen to see what we have in the way of fresh supplies.

“Hmm. Steak or pasta?” I call out, deciding I might prepare both but Brooke’s silent.

“Brooke?” I ask her again, wondering if she’s gone and gotten lost or just didn’t hear me.

It’s a pretty big place.

Closing the refrigerator I turn and see her in the kitchen doorway, her arms folded.

“What is it?” I ask, noticing her strange look.

A mix of disappointment and something else.

“Can I ask you one more question, just one?” she says, promising straight away it’s not about her dad or my past.

“Sure,” I shrug, inwardly deciding on steak and pasta for sure.

I’m starving.

“Did you really ask me all the way up here just to eat?” she asks, one of her brows lifting as the corners of her mouth crease.

She keeps her arms folded.

“I, uh,” I stutter stalling. “I could take that question a couple of ways,” I reply, keeping it a little mysterious because I’m still not sure if she—

“A second question then,” she says interrupting, unfolding her arms, and giving me a clear view of her chest.

“Would you ever date a younger girl?”

Her words seem to shiver in time with her breath and I can see she’s trembling slightly.

She’s plucked up the courage I was dancing around, not wanting to dive right into things, but being a businessman I appreciate her angle.

“Depends,” I tell her, lowering my voice, willing her to come closer which she does.

The next question, if there is one will be the last I want on the topic.

I’ve got more than just dating on my mind when it comes to Brooke. And although tonight’s going well, it could be a whole lot better if I just spoke straight with her instead of playing games for fear of losing her before I’ve even staked my claim.

“I mean,” she continues, gaining some confidence with each tiny step she takes. “If you dated me, for example. More than just a brief reunion dinner, would it be just a date or would you want something more?”

That’s it. I’m not sure how much more of this I can take, but the thrill of my heart pounding against my ribs is so new. So special with her.

I guess I could go on like this all night, as long as I finally get to have her all to myself.

“You mean like just having coffee someplace?” I venture, stifling a groan as I feel my dick jerking to attention.

I can see her own nipples, thick as her fingers, clawing through her sweater and the lustful look in her eyes is unmistakable.

She wants me, and god knows I want her.

But I have to give her fair warning.

“I’m an all-or-nothing kinda guy though,” I add quickly before she can reply. Her mouth is hanging open in a perfect ‘O’ shape and she briefly bites her lip before asking me to explain.

“It means, if I was to say… Kiss a girl I was dating. It would only be the beginning because once I get started, I just don’t think I’ll be able to stop,” I tell her.

Shifting quickly from hypothetical to the here and now, letting her know with my eyes as I move a step and then two closer, that all she has to do is nod or say yes and I’ll take care of the rest.

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