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She released his balls, relaxed her jaw, and placed her hands on his thighs. When she looked back up, he said, “Close your eyes.”

She did, and he started to move. Gently at first, but his thrusts grew faster and she understood why he’d told her to hold on.

As he continued to fuck her mouth, she couldn’t resist moving a hand between her thighs. She dipped her fingers, coated them with moisture, and started rubbing her clit. When she moaned around his dick, Marco stilled and then pulled out. She cried out at the loss of him and opened her eyes without a thought. She looked up and her heart skipped a beat at the fierce tenderness in his eyes.

He squatted down and cupped her face. “Now, it’s my turn to take care of you, cariño.” He kissed her and helped her to her feet. “Do you still trust me?”

She nodded without a thought, growing wet in anticipation of what he’d do next.

Marco gave Cam a searing kiss before he tugged her up and against his chest. He then pla

ced his hands on her ass before giving her a quick slap and then lifting her. When she was high enough, she wrapped her legs around his waist, letting him know how drenched and ready she was for him.

Cam was turning out to be everything he’d hoped for in a woman. She had intelligence and a sexuality he would never get enough of. He planned to test her limits for as long as she’d have him.

He kissed her and hugged her tight, wanting to feel as much of her skin as possible. With her hot, wet core against his abdomen and her nipples pressing into his chest, he was done with the foreplay. It was taking everything he had not to come right now.

He maneuvered them to a wall. He braced Cam against it so he could move one of his hands from her ass to her core. With her pressed so tight against him, all he could do was rub a finger back and forth, but that was enough. Cam broke their kiss on a groan and growled. “Please, Marco. Don’t make me wait any longer.”

He was too far gone to reprimand her for speaking out. Instead, he leaned back a fraction, positioned his cock, and thrust up.

Cam moaned and he took her hips. Using the wall as leverage, he started to thrust upward over and over again, the force making her breasts bounce. He wanted to bite and tease her, but because he didn’t want to give up his grip, he just watched them, promising to give them the attention they deserved later.

She gripped his shoulders. When she dug in with her claws, he looked back to her face and thrust harder. “So wet and tight, cariño. I’ll never get enough of you.”

From the glazed look in her eye, he knew she was close. “Touch yourself for me and let yourself go. I want to feel you squeezing my cock.”

She moved one hand to behind his neck and the other between her thighs. As much as he wanted to watch her stroke herself, he kept his gaze on her face and said, “Are you close?”


He picked up his pace even more. “Then let go, Camilla. I’ll catch you.”

She let out a soft cry and he felt her start to spasm around him.

As she gripped and released his cock, his balls drew up even tighter. He was close.

Since he knew she had regular birth control shots, he thrust even harder. This was the first time he’d been inside her since realizing he loved her. He wanted to claim her, and claim her hard.

When Cam finally moved her other hand to his neck, leaned in, and nibbled his jaw, he gave a few more quick thrusts before he let go.

Chapter Forty-Two

Marco placed his forehead against Cam’s, and tried to catch his breath.

While he’d realized he loved her back in the jungle, after this round of sex and him claiming her completely, his heart was near to bursting. But he didn’t want to scare her away. If Cam rejected him, he would be lost. There was no way he could go back to hiding behind his playboy façade. That life was lonely.

After the taste of honesty he’d had with the woman in front of him, he didn’t want it.

The woman in question tilted her head and kissed him before laying her cheek against his. “Mm, that was nice.”

He hugged her close and slowly backed away from the wall. He kissed the side of her neck. “I take it you liked it, then? I wasn’t too rough?”

Cam leaned back to look into his face and placed her hands on his chest. “If you want the truth, I’ve never done anything like that before.”

He raised an eyebrow. “And?”

She smiled. “I rather liked it.”

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