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She eyed the phone again and wondered if it was safe to use. She trusted Jaxton, but Kiarra had no idea what waited for her on the other side of the phone number he’d made her memorize. Would they make her leave him behind? As the minutes ticked by, she was running out of options. The longer she waited, the more she might be putting Jaxton in danger. Maybe the person on the other end could help. Leery as she was, it was worth a try.

After dialing the number, the phone rang twice in quick succession between pauses. She was just wondering if that was a British thing when a woman answered, “Hello.”

The voice was unfamiliar, but she trusted Jaxton enough to answer, “Um, hi. I was told to call this number if I needed help.”

“A strange American female calling me for help. You must be Kiarra,” the woman said in barely understandable English. “Whatever has happened, someone is already on the way to help you.”

“H-how did you know I needed help?”

Amusement tinged the woman’s voice. “I have my sources.”

Kiarra didn’t like how vague the woman was being. Jaxton’s safety was too important to her to not know what was going on. She wanted to know the details, because if it didn’t include helping Jaxton, Kiarra would find a way to help him on her own.

This was another test for Kiarra, another way to sever ties with her past inside the AMT, another chance to prove how strong she could be. She took a deep breath, imagined she was talking to Jaxton, and said, “What do you know and what do you plan to do about it?”

The line went silent and Kiarra feared she’d gone too far. If she’d just cost Jaxton the help he needed, she’d never forgive herself. But then the woman chuckled and said, “After all this time, I should’ve known better than to doubt Neena’s words.”

“You know Neena?”

“Aye, better than most.”

She wasn’t sure if that was a good or bad thing. “So, what’s the plan?”

Kiarra swore she heard a buzzing sound on the other end of the line before the woman said, “Someone should knock on your door in a few minutes and that person will give you the details.”


“Sorry, darlin’, that’s all I can tell you for now. Gotta jet.”

The line went dead and Kiarra stared at the phone. She was starting to hate the word “wait” with a passion.

To stay awake, Kiarra started pacing again. If no one showed up at the door, the only option she had left was to contact Neena, which could end up being no help at all. The next time this happened, she’d make sure she was better prepared.

The next time. Kiarra stilled. Yes, she wanted there to be a next time. The thought of leaving Jaxton in a few months was no longer an option. She needed to keep his stubborn ass in check.

Someone knocked on the door and Kiarra’s eyes widened. As much as she wanted to hope, she wasn’t stupid, so she walked to the door and looked out the peephole. It wasn’t Jaxton, but she knew the face.

Stunned, she opened the door and said, “Neena.”

Neena walked in, dressed all in black except for a dark blue scarf tied over her hair. Kiarra closed the door, and Neena placed a hand on her back and steered her toward the bed. Kiarra frowned. “Why didn’t the woman on the phone just tell me it was you?”

Neena grinned. “Because Aislinn spoils me and knows how I like to surprise people.”

Kiarra vaguely remembered the name. “Aislinn, as in the other DEFEND co-leader?”

“That’s the one.” Neena sat down on the bed, patting the space next to her. “Now, do you want to hear my plan or not?”

“We don’t have time for niceties. Just tell me what we’re going to do to help Jaxton.”

“My, my, someone’s starting to sound just like their trainer.” Neena tilted her head to the side, studying her. “But by now, I think he’s more than a trainer to you. Am I right?”

Kiarra kept her face impassive. She finally understood Jaxton’s impatience with this woman. “Either help me or get out. I don’t have time for this.”

Neena winked at her. “There’s the Fire Talent leader I’ve been waiting for.” She patted the bed beside her again. “If you truly want to help Jaxton, then you need to take a nap.”

Kiarra blinked. She hadn’t seen that coming. “Talent or not, I don’t have super dream powers like you, so how is that supposed to help him?”

Neena raised an eyebrow. “Questioning me again, Kiarra? Tsk, tsk. You should know by now not to do that.”

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