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Sinclair said nothing, and Gio wondered if he’d made a mistake questioning his father. But then his father smiled and said, “Always question everything, no matter who does the asking. Remember that.” Gio nodded, relieved that he’d done something right. His father continued, “But you have an advantage over most, son, and I hope it’s enough.”

Without knowing the specifics, Gio couldn’t decode his father’s words. “Who’s the patient? How did she escape? I thought it was impossible to break out of an AMT compound.”

Sinclair remained silent, studying him. Gio had passed his father’s first test, but maybe he’d just failed the second. Either way, he knew not to speak again until his father did.

Eventually Sinclair said, “Do I have your loyalty, Giovanni?”

Gio didn’t hesitate. “You took me in when nobody else would. You will always have my loyalty, father.”

A corner of James Sinclair’s mouth lifted. “That’s good to hear, because this won’t be easy for you.”

Gio felt a sense of unease at that statement, although he was careful not to show it. “Why not?”

“Because the patient we need in order to replicate and mass produce the formula is your eldest sister, Kiarra Melini.”

Chapter Seventeen

Fuck. Jaxton never slipped, giving out ‘private’’ information about himself, but something about Kiarra kept affecting him. First invading his dreams, then causing jealousy when Marco made her laugh. He was used to being in control and didn’t understand how a tiny woman with a temper was capable of fracturing his previously ironclad authority.

Maybe traveling alone with her to Scotland was a bad idea.

Kiarra finally spoke up. “How were you responsible for his capture? Judging from what Garrett said, he was betrayed by a person named Marzina.”

Jaxton froze and dared a look at Kiarra. “What do you know about Marzina?”

She shrugged. “Not much, but enough to know that she hurt your brother deeply. He still calls for her in his sleep.”

Garrett had never mumbled or said anything on Jaxton’s watch, and part of him was jealous that Kiarra knew something about his brother that he hadn’t.

Kiarra poked him in the arm and he felt the same awareness from before, when he’d stroked her cheek. “Tell me about Marzina.”

“She’s no one you need to worry about.” She pinched him and Jaxton flinched. “Bloody hell, woman, do you want to cause a collision?”

The instant he said it, Jaxton regretted it. Taka had told him about Kiarra’s conversation with Cam, and knew their parents had died in a staged car accident. A quick glance showed that Kiarra didn’t look distressed on the outside, but he could only imagine what was going on inside her head.

Kiarra cleared her throat. “All right, if you won’t tell me about her, then tell me about your brother’s capture—because I have a hard time believing you handed Garrett over to the AMT.”

He didn’t have to answer her. Jaxton could say nothing and keep it all strictly business. Yet he knew they’d be meeting his sister in Edinburgh, and Millie would probably spin some outrageous tale of Garrett’s capture. It would be better for Kiarra to hear the truth from him.

Besides, it would distract her from thinking about car accidents and her parents.

Trying not to think of how easily he’d convinced himself to tell her, Jaxton said, “I was in charge of my family after my father died. Garrett is the eldest, but since we faked his death at age twelve to keep him out of the AMT, the responsibility to look after everyone fell to me.

“Garrett was going to uni in Manchester when he met a human girl from Poland named Marzina. They fell in love, got engaged, and Garrett shared the secret of his elemental fire abilities. She didn’t believe him at first, but after a quick demonstration, Marzina went mental and ran to the human authorities, which was how the AMT enforcement team heard about it.”

“And he was captured.”

“Yes. I was responsible for him and should’ve convinced Garrett to wait before telling Marzina about his abilities. But instead I focused solely on my career and ignored him when he needed me the most.”

He’d seen how love blinded people and how easily someone could break your trust. From that day forward, Jaxton had become overcautious, trusting only those who had proven themselves time and again. Kiarra had yet to do so, and he needed to remember that.

Kiarra touched his thigh and he felt a flutter in his lower belly, his body unwilling to listen to his mind. He took a deep breath and focused on the road, the cans and bottles lining the side, part of an old tire near the median divider; anything to distract him from Kiarra’s hand on his leg.

Kiarra’s voice broke through his thoughts. “You should know by now that you can’t control people just because you want to. Just look at me. Have you been able to make me do whatever you wanted? No, because ultimately I control my own actions.”

He gave her a dry look. “I think you just want to raise my blood pressure.”

Kiarra poked his arm. “Be serious, Jaxton. The AMT tried for years to break me, and while they came close, I managed to remain sane. If a multibillion-dollar enforcement system couldn’t succeed in directing me like a puppet, you sure as hell don’t have a chance.”

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