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“Good question.” Flynn pursed his lips, studied the ground. “We could just sit here and keep drinking until we fall off.”

Brad sighed, drained the bottle. “There’s a plan.”

Chapter Ten

MALORY was barely out of the shower when she heard the knock on her front door. She belted her robe, snagged a towel, and wound it around her hair as she hurried to answer.

“Tod. You’re up and about early.”

“On my way to the coffee shop to ogle the nine-to-fivers before heading to work.” He peered ov

er her right shoulder, her left, then gave her a leer. “Got company?”

Malory swung the door wider in invitation. “No. All alone.”

“Ah, too bad.”

“You’re telling me.” She tucked up the ends of the towel more securely. “Want coffee here? I’ve already put the pot on.”

“Not unless you can offer me a skinny mocha latte and a hazelnut muffin.”

“Sorry, fresh out.”

“Well, maybe I should just give you the good news, then be on my way.” Still, he flopped into a chair.

“Oh! New boots?”

“Fabulous, aren’t they?” He stretched out his legs, turned his feet right and left to admire them. “They’re killing me, of course, but I couldn’t resist them. I made a quick run through Nordstrom’s on Saturday. Darling, you’ve got to go.” He sat up, grabbed her hand as she curled on the end of the sofa. “The cashmere! There’s a cowl neck in periwinkle that’s calling your name.”

“Periwinkle?” She sighed, long and deep, like a woman under the hands of a skilled lover. “Don’t say periwinkle cashmere when I’m in the middle of a shopping moratorium.”

“Mal, if you don’t treat yourself, who will?”

“That’s true. That’s so true.” She bit her lip. “Nordstrom’s?”

“And there’s a twinset in a strong peachy pink that was made for you.”

“You know I have no defense against twinsets, Tod. You’re killing me.”

“I’ll stop, I’ll stop.” He held up his hands. “But on to our morning bulletin. The Pamela has stepped in deep and stinky doo-doo.”

“Oh, boy.” Malory wiggled into the cushions. “Tell me everything. Don’t spare the details.”

“As if. Okay. We got in a Deco bronze—female figure wearing a flapper-style dress, feathered headband, pearls, gorgeous open-toed shoes, trailing a long scarf. She’s absolutely charming. Witty, terrific details, with this sly ‘let’s you and me Charleston, big boy’ smirk on her face. I fell in love.”

“Did you call Mrs. Karterfield in Pittsburgh?”

“Ah, see!” He shot a finger in the air, as if proving a point. “Naturally you would assume that, or would have done so personally had you still been in charge. Which you should be.”

“Goes without saying.”

“I did, of course, call Mrs. Karterfield, who, as expected, asked us to hold it for her until she could come down personally to see it. Next week. And what happens when our darling Mrs. Karterfield from Pittsburgh comes into The Gallery to see a Deco figure?”

“She buys it. And often at least one other piece. If she comes in with a friend, which is usually the case, she harangues her companion until she buys something too. It’s a good day when Mrs. Karterfield comes to town.”

“Pamela sold it out from under her.”

It took Malory ten seconds to find her voice. “What? What? How? Why? Mrs. K’s one of our best customers. She always gets first look at Deco bronzes.”

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