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“We really can’t do this.” But she was tugging his shirt out of his waistband, desperate to get her hands on flesh.

“I know. Can’t.” He fumbled with the buckle of her seat belt. “We’ll stop in a minute.”

“Okay, but first . . .” She brought his hand to her breast, then moaned as her heart seemed to tip into his palm.

He shifted her, cursed when he rapped his elbow on the steering wheel. And Moe, delighted with the prospect of a wrestling match, squeezed his head between the seats and slathered both of them with sloppy kisses.

“Oh, God!” Torn between laughter and shock, Malory scrubbed at her mouth. “I really, really hope that was your tongue.”

“Ditto.” Struggling to get his breath back, Flynn stared down at her. Her hair was sexily tousled, her face flushed, her mouth just a little swollen from the assault of his.

With the flat of his hand, he shoved Moe’s face away and snapped out a curt order to sit. The dog flopped back on his seat and whined as if he’d been beaten with a club.

“I wasn’t planning on moving this fast.”

Malory shook her head. “I wasn’t planning on moving at all. And I’ve always got a plan.”

“Been a while since I tried this in a car parked on the side of the road.”

“Me, too.” She slid her gaze toward the pathetic sounds coming from the backseat. “Under the circumstances . . .”

“Yeah. Better not. I want to make love with you.” He drew her up. “To touch you. To feel you move under my hands. I want that, Malory.”

“I need to think. Ev

erything about this is complicated, so I have to think about it.” She certainly had to think about the fact that she’d nearly torn the man’s clothes off in the front seat of a car, on the side of a public road, in broad daylight.

“My life’s a mess, Flynn.” The thought depressed her enough to have her pulse calming again. “Whatever the equation, I’ve screwed things up, and I have to get back on track. I don’t do well with messy situations. So, let’s slow this down a little.”

He hooked a finger in the V of her blouse. “How much is a little?”

“I don’t know yet. Oh, I can’t stand it.” She scooted around, leaned over the seat. “Don’t cry, you big baby.” She ruffled the fur between Moe’s ears. “Nobody’s mad at you.”

“Speak for yourself,” Flynn grumbled.

Chapter Seven

I feel the sun, warm and somehow fluid like a quiet waterfall gliding from a golden river. It pours over me in a kind of baptism. I smell roses, and lilies, and some spicier flower that cuts the sweetness. I hear water, a playful trickle and plop as it rises up, then falls back into itself.

All these things slide over me, or I slide into them, but I see nothing but a dense white. Like a curtain I can’t part.

Why am I not afraid?

Laughter floats toward me. Bright and easy and female. There’s a youthful cheer in it that makes me smile, that brings a tickle of laughter to my own throat. I want to find the source of that laughter and join in.

Voices now, that quick bird-chatter that is again youth and female.

The sounds come and go, ebb and flow. Am I drifting toward it or away?

Slowly, slowly, the curtain thins. Only a mist now, soft as silken rain with sunlight sparkling through it. And through it, I see color. Such bold, rich color it sears through that thinning mist and stuns my eyes.

Tiles are gleaming silver and explode with sunlight in blinding flashes where the thick green leaves and hot-pink blossoms of trees don’t shade or shelter. Flowers swim in pools or dance in swirling beds.

There are three women, girls, really, gathered around the fountain that plays its happy tune. It’s their laughter I hear. One has a small harp in her lap, and the other a quill. But they’re laughing at the wriggling puppy the third holds in her arms.

They’re so lovely. There is about them a touching innocence that’s so perfectly suited to the garden where they spend this bright afternoon. Then I see the sword sheathed at one’s hip.

Innocent perhaps, but strong. There is power here; I can feel the tingle of it now sparking on the air.

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