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“I think you guys were made for me too.”

He beamed, wiping away his tears.

“I’m not trying to be your dad. I just want to be your friend.”

“I want to be your friend too. So will you come home with me? To fix things with my mom?”

“I’d love nothing more than to go home with you and fix things with your mom, Haiden.”

“Okay.” He extended out his hand. “Truce then? For real this time.”

I smiled. Relieved was an understatement as I shook his hand. “Let’s start over. I’m Ashton.”

He grinned. “I’m Haiden.”

At the last second, I tugged him toward me, and he came effortlessly. Wrapping my arms around his body, I hugged him, and he hugged me back.

“I’m really sorry, Ashton. For everything. I hope you can forgive me.”

“You’re a good son, Haiden. And consider yourself forgiven. Just don’t ever slingshot me in the balls again, alright?”

He laughed. “Your nuts are safe. Unless you hurt my mom.”

“Duly noted. And I won’t hurt your mom.”

He peered up at me with the biggest, sincerest gaze I’d ever seen on him.

Breathing out, “I know.”


I was cooking dinner when I heard the front door slam shut.

“Haiden! Do not leave your soccer gear by the door or in your bedroom! The last time you did I couldn’t get the stink out of your room for a week! Put it in the laundry room!”

“Okay, Mom!”

“We need to talk! Bring your butt in here when you’re done!”

“What about my butt?”

My heart dropped hearing Ashton’s voice.

I snapped around, locking eyes with the last person I expected to see. My gaze went from him to Haiden, who was standing right beside him as if they were suddenly best friends.

“What’s going on?”

“Mom, I lied to you, and I’m really sorry.”

I set the dishrag on the counter. “I know. Your sister told me.”

“I’m sorry, Haiden,” she apologized, sitting at the kitchen island.

“No, Haven, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have made you do all those things to Ashton. I know you only did them so I wouldn’t be mad at you. I’m sorry I got you in trouble.”

“It’s okay. You’re just a dumb brother.”

He nodded. “I am dumb. Ashton loves you, Mom. I knew that before the fair. He looks at you the way Grampy looks at Grammy. I’m sorry I lied about him losing us. He didn’t. I just wanted you to break up with him.”

My gaze shifted to Ashton as he pulled Haiden into his side.

“Look, forgiving mama, I made a new friend.”

“I see that. How did you meet this new friend?”

“He showed up at my door like a lost puppy, and I’m returning him home now.”

“Did Brady take you to Ashton’s?”

“Yeah, but I asked him to after I heard what Leo—”

“Oh my God. You heard Leo? Haiden, how many times have I told you about eavesdropping on adult conversations?”

“But, Mom…”

“Don’t but mom me, mister. How much did you hear?”

“All of it.”

“Haiden Christopher McCoy!”

“It’s fine, Mom. Ashton whooped Memphis’s butt.” He high fived him.

“Ashton did what?” Haven exclaimed, sitting up on her feet to lean on the island.

“Yeah, Haven. He told him that he’s a piece of sh—”

“Haiden, don’t you dare!”

“What? It’s what Ashton said! He told him that you’re going to do big things one day.”

“Really?” She scratched her head. “I've always wanted to do big things like cross the street by myself.”

I laughed, I couldn’t help it.

“Yeah, and he told him that Mom’s the best thing that ever happened to him.”

“Facts.” She nodded, looking at Ashton all adorable and sweet. “I’m really sorry about what we did to you, but Haiden is my twin brother, and I didn’t want him to get mad at me.”

“He told me, baby girl.”

“So you’re not mad at me then? Because I’ll give you a big hug. Mama always forgives me when I give her big hugs and say I’m sorry.”

He squatted to the ground, opening his arms. “I’ll take the big hug anyway.”

She giggled, jumping down from the seat. On her little legs, she ran over to him, and he instantly swung her around in his arms.


“What? Too slow? Should I go faster?”

He did, and she laughed from deep within her belly. Watching Ashton with my kids always did things to my ovaries.

I was swooning.


Once he set her down on the floor, she threw her arms around his legs. “I love you, Ashton.”

I froze.

He froze.

Did Haven really just say that?

He put his hand on her back, looking down at her with a tender expression I’d never seen on him before. Smiling from ear to ear, she peered up at him, and I got teary eyed.

“I love you too.”

“Mama! Did you hear? Ashton loves me too! Now he loves both of us. Maybe one day you can love Haiden too. When he isn’t a fart face booger to you anymore.”

I chuckled, wiping away a tear.

“Wanna know a secret? Even if he is a fart face booger, I still love him too.”

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