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If it wasn’t me who this kid was torturing, I would have probably shaken his hand on a job well done.

He definitely knew how to get to me, except I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction to know that.

I’d say nothing.

Not. One. Thing.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? Well, maybe ignoring your adversary had the same effect? I mean, he’s seven for Christ’s sake. Can I really be punked by a seven-year-old?

My phone rang, breaking that train of thoughts. Sage’s gorgeous face appeared on my screen, and suddenly I wasn’t so upset anymore.

This woman had the power to bring me peace…

And to drop me to my knees.


“Hey, pretty mama.”

“Hey,” she greeted. “I feel terrible about leaving you hanging with all that food.”

“It’s not a problem.” My jaw clenched. “How’s Haiden?”

“Oh, he’s fine. He was fine once we got home. I think he was just overwhelmed with meeting you today.”

“I’m sure he was something.”

“I’m so happy you guys hit it off. He talked about you the entire ride home.”

“Is that right?”

“Yes! He asked me if you’ve ever colored your hair blond,” she giggled. “What a random question. Have you ever colored your hair blond, Ashton?”

“Not by choice.”

“What do mean?”

“Nothing. How’s Haven?”

“She wouldn’t stop talking about you either. I think you won over my kids, dimples. You’ve made quite an impression on them.”

“I do what I can.”

“Want to come over for dinner tomorrow night? Haiden even offered to help me cook for you. Isn’t that sweet?”

“He’s just the sweetest, almost like a Sour Patch Kid.”

She laughed. “Okay, so we will see you tomorrow?”

“I can’t wait to see what Haiden has in store for me next.”

Her voice was my saving grace. At least for the following ten minutes until I became rather itchy.

“Holy fucking—”

“What? Are you okay?”

“No, I’m…” I scratched my balls profusely.

Oh that little brat…

“Sweetness, I need to go.”




“Is everything alright?”

“Mmm hmm, I suddenly have to call Sawyer.”

“Are you sure everything is okay?”

“Just peachy fucking keen, babe.”




“I’ll see you tomorrow then?”

“I’ll be there with my balls… I mean bells on.”

She chuckled. “Sounds good. Goodnight, dimples.”

“Goodnight.” I hung up and called Sawyer. “Dude, I need you.”

“What happened now?”

I didn’t hesitate, snarling,

“Haiden the Hellion.”

Chapter 23


Three months.

Three fucking months.

Not one step in the right direction when it came to Haiden. If anything, our relationship took a drastic turn into the danger zone. Most of my time was spent with Sage and her kids now, quickly becoming friends with the baby girl who had already stolen my heart. Sage and Haven were always the only two out of the three who were actually excited to see me walk through their door. Waiting for me with open arms and lots of hugs and attention.

I wasn’t lying.


Trust me, I wished I was.

From the moment Haiden found out about me, he decided I was public enemy number one. Taking it upon himself to screw me over every chance he’d get. I had no fucking clue how he was able to pull off half the shit he did to me.

The truth was, I was fucked…

Exactly how I predicted I was going to be. However, I never imagined it was going to be from the receiving end of her boy. Things between Sage and I were great. Aside from the fact that her kid was plotting my death, we were moving along rather smoothly. The nights Sage stayed the night at my place, she’d sleep in my arms, making an unbreakable bond I’d never experienced with anyone only stronger. Holding her in my arms was becoming my new favorite thing.

My cock, though…

Had a mind of its own.

There was something about Sage that captured my heart and soul.

I didn’t hide it from her. She knew how complete I felt when we were together. Haiden was doing everything and anything in his power to get rid of me. Her son put me through the wringer with some sort of new war tactic to take me down and to keep me there. He hated me in every sense of the word, and I knew he wouldn’t stop until he succeeded in getting rid of me completely.

And by that, I meant me breaking up with his mother.

No one knew what Haiden was putting me through other than my mom and the boys. I couldn’t tell Sage he was playing her like a fiddle, pretending we were the best of friends whenever she was in our presence, but the second she'd left us alone his true colors would show bright and bold. I wasn’t going to come between Sage and her son, no matter how hard he fucked with me.

This was between me and her demon spawn.

Besides, I liked her way too much to let him win, and if I told her, it meant he did. She wasn’t going to believe me; her kid laid it on real thick. At times I thought maybe I was hallucinating, and he actually liked me, until he’d kicked me in the balls with his tactics. Haiden’s bullshit never ceased to amaze me, though. I swear they were getting more and more inventive as the weeks went by.

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