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When Memphis’s parents found out I was indeed having their son’s twins, they resolved his abandonment of any responsibility by depositing five thousand dollars a month into a private account for Haiden and Haven, twenty-five hundred for each. I never touched the money. I didn’t need it. My parents were just as well off and willing to help me raise our kids. After discussing it with my parents, I decided to leave the money for the twins' college tuition. Other than throwing thousands of dollars at the problem on a monthly basis, they never asked to meet the twins or be part of their lives.

Honestly, I preferred it that way. It was one less problem I had to deal with. I didn’t want my twins to get attached to his family, only to find out they weren’t good enough to carry his last name. Which they didn’t—they carried mine. I wasn’t going to give that asshole’s last name to my babies I raised without him.

“Memphis won’t come around, Mom. He’s too selfish. Last I heard, he was traveling around Europe or something.”

“Never say never, Sage. But enough about him. I want to hear about this mystery man who has you smiling.”

My eyes shifted toward the stairs.

“We stayed up late. Haiden wanted to finish watching Transformers, and you know how Haven has to do everything her brother does. They won’t be up for another hour at least.”

“Mom…” I walked toward the kitchen to make coffee. “Last time he watched Transformers, he thought he could turn into a Camaro, and I spent three days telling him he wasn’t Bumblebee.”

“I appreciate his enthusiasm.”

“More like stubbornness.”

“Well, I wonder where he gets that from?”

I shot back, “I’m not stubborn.”

“Sage, you’re as stubborn as your father.”

“Daddy isn’t stubborn. He just likes to be right.”

“You certainly are your father’s daughter.”

The front door opened, and I didn’t have to wonder who it was; I already knew.

“We’re in here, Aspyn!”

She was smiling like a fool when she walked into the kitchen and kissed my mom on the cheek. “Morning, Mom.”

We’d been calling one another’s parents Mom and Dad since we were little girls.

Taking one look at me, Aspyn grabbed the fresh cup of coffee out of my hands. “I want to know everything, Sage. Dish.”

“Nice timing.”

She sat next to my mom, both of them anxiously waiting for the details that could only be described as one of the best nights of my life.

“I’ve been waiting for the scoop too, Sage.”

My mom was my other best friend. She knew everything about me. I told her all about my shitty hook-ups in the past. She was grateful I had a friend like Aspyn who looked out for my dating life or lack of. I sacrificed everything for my babies, including my love life. They came first.

Always and forever.

“Did you guys…” Aspyn wiggled her eyebrows. “You know.”

“We did not.”


“Shhh … you’re going to wake the twins.”

“You didn’t sleep with him?”

I shook my head.

“Then what did you guys do?”

“We talked.”

“About what?”


“Oh, honey…” Mom chimed in. “That’s amazing.”

“What’s amazing is that he didn’t try to sleep with you.”

“I didn’t really give him much of a choice. I kind of kneed him in the balls.”

“That’s my baby sister,” Brady intervened, walking into the kitchen.

“Whoa. Where did you come from?”

“Your guest bedroom.”

“You crashed here?”

“Yeah.” He nodded, bumping his shoulder into Aspyn who knocked into his shoulder right back.

They always had a flirty dynamic. Although, she swore up and down nothing ever happened between them. There were times, during the last few years, especially that I thought maybe she was hiding something from me when it came to their friendship.

“Mom said she was making dinner over here, so I stopped by on my way home from work.”

“Oh, and Haiden didn’t let you leave?”

“Of course not. We’re best friends.”

I chuckled because they really were. Brady was Haiden’s hero. He wanted to be just like his uncle, and I loved that. My brother was a good man. My parents did right by him.

“What happened after you kicked him in the nuts?” Aspyn questioned, sipping her coffee.

“I ran around the house like a lunatic, trying to find his kitchen so I could get him some ice. A house that his sister and mother decorated for him, and it’s absolutely stunning. After I grabbed the ice for him, I brought it back, and he placed it on his jewels. We still kissed a bit, but that’s it. We spent the rest of the night talking.”

“You just talked all night?”

“Yeah, Aspyn. Trust me, I’m as shocked as you are.”

“Huh, interesting.”


“His friend couldn’t keep his hands off me.”

“Wait?” Brady spoke. “You guys are dating friends?”

“Dating is a term I don’t use. As you know.”

Aspyn and Brady stared at each other for a few seconds like it was an inside joke between them.

See … weird, right?

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