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And ladies and gentlemen, she smiled. Bright and bold. “We’ll see about that.”

After all these years, my boy Sawyer had finally met his match, and she was blazing fucking fire. One of them was bound to get burned, and I for one couldn’t wait to see the shit show. He grabbed her hand, and they walked away.

“Wow,” Sage breathed out, bringing my attention back to her. “So the dirty talking, that’s just an art you’ve perfected with your friends?”

I nodded toward Sawyer. “I’ve taught him everything he knows. So … you ready for my big move?”

“I think so.”

Not hesitating for one second, I pulled her toward me and whispered in her ear, “Don’t fall in love with me, Sage.”

It wasn’t the first time I’d said this to a woman; although, it was the first time…

I wasn’t sure if I meant it.

Chapter 8


Fuck me.


I was nervous. I was so nervous I couldn’t get my leg to stop bouncing in his truck. I basically creamed my panties the moment he opened the door for me.

Yeah, he opened his door for me.

Granted, the only boyfriend I ever had was a complete douchebag, but Aspyn never talked about the guys she went home with opening doors for her.

Was this normal?

I mean, I was a sure thing. One way or another, he was going to get laid. The moment I felt Ashton’s hand on my knee, my heart began racing at the speed of light. I thought maybe he was trying to get my attention, but nope. He was simply trying to calm my overly anxious knee bouncing. Once I stopped, his hand slid down my thigh. In a steady, heated rhythm, his fingers went back and forth, over and over again. They were probably an inch away from the edge of my panties.

I wasn’t used to experiencing these emotions. My heart was beating so fast that at one point I thought I might actually pass out.

I wasn’t this girl.

I didn’t go home with the hottest guy at the bar.


The men I did hook up with were friends of friends at parties Aspyn dragged me to go to.

Do you have any idea how hard it was to explain to these men why I’m carrying around a latex-free condom?

Despite being on the pill, I wasn’t going to have unprotected sex with anyone until I was married. With my luck, I’d get pregnant with twins again.

I didn’t go out much. I had twins at home. My days were consumed with mom life, and I couldn’t remember the last time I was doing something for myself.

Right now.

This moment.

This was for me.

Which scared me more than anything because this was him. It was Ashton, the one guy I'd compared every other man to.

Should I tell him I have a son and a daughter waiting for me back home? A set of twins that were conceived the very same night we’d met!

He was the first to break the silence between us, calling me out, “You thinking about all the ways you’re gonna fuck this up?”

“Am I that obvious?”

“Well, you were about to drill a hole through my floorboard with your bouncing. You do realize there is nothing you could do to turn me off, right?”

“Um … I can think of a few things...” I honestly replied, referring to my twins.


Our stares connected.

“Would it help if I told you I’d been thinking about fucking you since the moment I laid eyes on you?”

“Actually, that makes me feel worse. Now I know you have expectations.”

“Sage, I’m a man. The only expectation I have is to make you come in my mouth.”

“Okay, listen,” I sternly stated, ignoring the fluttering feeling in my belly from hearing his dirty mouth. “These one-liners are a super turn on for me. But let me tell you right now that I don’t do that with the guys I sleep with.”

“And what’s that?”

“Come. Have an orgasm. See the almighty promise land.”

“I’m sorry, what?”

“Yeah, you heard correctly.” I gestured to my body. “I’m just not made that way. I’m sure you have talent in those areas that go beyond measures, but I don’t want you to be let down. Alright, are you listening?”

“I’m listening.”

“So here it is.” I turned to face him. “I’m super flattered with you thinking about me for the last seven years, but when it comes to sex, I’m pretty basic. I think you’re expecting the time of your life with me, but I’m not the kind of girl that you’re used to.”

“And what kind of girl is that, Sage?”

I shrugged. “Probably models. Slutty. Maybe not the brightest crayons in the box.”

“Wow.” He flinched; it was quick, but I saw it. “You’re actually judging me?”

I felt bad and was about to apologize. “I’m so—”

“For your information, I didn’t have a type until now. Consider my cock an equal opportunist; he loves being taken for any ride.”

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