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I burst out laughing at his crudeness because I can't help it. I was concerned he was about to say something emotional, but no; he was bringing up anal – and in the most vulgar way possible. "Would it help my stress …" I repeat.

"What?" he asks playfully, his hands in the air. "I'm just concerned about your level of stress. Is it wrong of me to be concerned? Because if it's wrong … I don't want to be right."

"Get out," I tell him between gasps of laughter. Putting my hands on his arms, I turn him around and push him toward my bedroom door. "Something is really wrong with you. Have I told you that?"

"Did I go too far?" he asks. He opens the door and then turns back, giving me a grin that says he couldn't care less if he's gone too far because he's completely pleased with himself.

"Go now," I order again as I point and shake my head.

He's fully out the door when he pokes his head back inside. "No panties tonight," he whispers.

"Out," I repeat sternly, but it's hard to keep a straight face. I close the door behind me, leaning against it and sigh. That is definitely not the same man I met the first day he came to work here, the one who was so rigid and hell bent on following the rules.

That fact is doubly confirmed a few hours later after I'm freshly showered and wearing my cocktail dress for the charity event. My hair is pulled up on top of my head and my makeup is done and my dress is appropriate. In no way do I look like I spent the whole morning lying naked on a blanket by the river miles away from the summer house – or as if I spent the whole morning on said blanket with my bodyguard's cock buried inside of me.

There's a knock on the door and then the door opens. Even from where I am in the bathroom, I know immediately that it's Max because no one else but him would just come right into my room. When I step out of the bathroom, he's standing there wearing a tuxedo – because God forbid anyone dress in less than full-blown formal attire, even when we're in the middle of the countryside at one of Sofia's events – and he's holding a little back gift bag with gold tissue paper sticking out from the top.

I pause for a moment, appreciating how sexy he looks in the tuxedo with just a hint of five-o-clock shadow darkening his face. He does the same, his eyes flickering down the length of my body as he appraises me. The way he's eyeing me right now makes me want to skip the charity event entirely and tell him to take me out of here. It makes me want to tell him to find a bed, handcuff me to it, and never let me go.

"I like the blue," Max says approvingly.

I look down at the summery sapphire-colored cocktail dress, a floaty chiffon thing that puts my cleavage on full display but skims around the rest of my body. "But am I wearing panties?" I tease. He already knows the answer to that question, as if it would matter anyway, since all of mine have been rendered crotchless.

"You will be," he promises, grinning.

"Now you want me to wear panties?"

He hands me the gift bag. "You'll need the panties because of … well, reasons."

"Do I want to see what's in this bag before the party?"

"You're going to wear them to the party, sweetheart."

I peek into the bag and my eyes go wide. "Is that … that's not a butt plug, is it? You got me a butt plug??" I pull out the next object. "And a vibrator?"


"And panties," I say, pulling the third item from the bag.

"We wouldn't want anything falling out from under your dress tonight."

"I'm not wearing any of that to a charity thing. It's to benefit a children's organization!"

"It's to benefit a children's charity, but there won't be any actual children in attendance."

I give him a look. "I'm not sure about that. I'm positive I'm in the presence of a child right now."

"Snarky," he notes. "I like it. No one will know what you're wearing – unless, of course, the vibrator falls out in the pool house and your sibling says it's a bomb and there's a whole giant scare where the security guards are clearing the summer house for bombs. In that scenario, everyone will find out. And, also, the security guards will laugh, because that would be hilarious."

My eyes go wide. "Oh my God, did you all laugh when that happened to Albie and Belle at the palace?"

He cocks his head to the side. "Come on. Give us a little bit of credit. We're professionals."

"So you didn't?"

"Oh, no, we totally laughed. Noah and I laughed a lot. Tears came out of my eyes," he says, grinning.

I slap him playfully on the arm. "That's my brother and – eew, never mind because I don't even want to think about him and Belle and that vibrator. Especially because I just realized as we're speaking that that means Belle was totally wearing that vibrator all night. Which means that at the dinner earlier that night, she was totally having an orgasm! Oh my God, I think I might throw up in my mouth a little bit."

Max is laughing harder now. "She is so straight-laced too," he notes. "I really would not have expected anything like that from her."

My eyes go wide. "Stop talking about my stepsister like that! Wait. You wouldn't expect something like that from her, as opposed to expecting behavior like that from me??"

He pulls me against him, his lips near my ear. "Well, I know from experience that you're a filthy little girl."

"Oh, eew," I say, still stuck on the night in question. "I knew something was off at that dinner. I mean, I assumed she had taken too much ecstasy or something and just really, really, really liked the food. But that means my brother gave her an orgasm. At the dinner table."

Max snorts loudly. "I'm sure he's given her a lot more than that."

"No. Gross, gross, gross. I'm not thinking about what either of them are giving each other. Thanks for the reminder of Albie and Belle and what they did, because now you've ruined remote-controlled vibrators forever."

Max pulls me against his hardness, looking down at me as he slides a finger right under the fabric that cups my breast. "I'll make them better for you," he promises.

"I cannot go out there wearing those," I whisper, my body responding to him immediately with heat rushing between my legs.

The problem is that Max knows me too well. He knows that I'm already thinking about how it would feel to walk around that stuffy event wearing his little presents.

"You can and you will," he says. "This isn't a discussion. I want you walking around the summer house with a reminder that I'm inside of you, and the knowledge that I'm going to be inside of you as soon as the event is over – or maybe even sooner than that. I haven't decided yet."

"You seem to be getting cockier with every day that passes," I note, my breath hitching as he pulls up my long skirt, his fingers finding their destination between my legs. "Why do you think that is?"

"Take a good long look at yourself and tell me why the hell I wouldn't be the smuggest guy on the damn planet."

"Good answer," I whisper. I watch, holding my breath, as he takes the little pink vibrator and brings it between my legs, teasing my entrance with it.

"You're already so fucking wet for this and we haven't even started yet," he notes. "So stop trying to pretend like this idea doesn't turn you on."

I roll my eyes, but it's hard to act nonplussed when he slides the vibrator inside me, his fingers lingering on my clit afterward.

Then he reaches for a phone and I panic. "What are you doing? You'd better not have a camera –"

"You're kidding, right? I'd never," he protests. "It's a remote-control app. He swipes the screen and presses a button that turns on the vibrator.

Arousal rushes through me, suddenly overwhelming as he pushes buttons repeatedly, cycling through settings that change the vibrator's pattern and intensity. I slap at him, trying to hit the phone out of his hand while giggling because I can't help it. "Give me the phone," I insist.

He laughs and holds the phone in the air. "I'll leave it on … hmm, let's see … the lowest setting for now. I'm not a monster."

"You're a jackass," I say,

but the words come out breathy because of what the vibrator is doing and what I'm feeling.

"You're right. I'm the jackass who's going to make you come all night long," he says. "Or … not at all. It depends on how good or bad you are. Now, you need to go to the event. Bend over like a good little girl and let me put this butt plug in your ass so you can go raise money for charity."

"Well, those are a bunch of words I never imagined I'd hear anyone say." As seems to be my habit when it comes to everything with Max, I do just what he says. My hands on the bed, I bend over and pull the long cocktail dress up over my ass.

Standing beside me, he rubs lubricant on the plug, his eyes twinkling as he watches me watching him. His erection is more than obvious, the bulge in his pants pressing against his zipper. I force myself to keep my hands on the bed instead of reaching for his cock. If he's going to tease me all night long, then he can walk around hot for me all night long.

It's only fair.

Max spreads my ass cheeks and presses the tip of the plug to my tight asshole. Letting out a little whimper, I jump at the shock of cold lubricant. He eases me into it, caressing my ass cheek with his warm palm. "I want you to think about me all night with this inside of you," he says, his voice thick. "I want you walking around and thinking about how later, it's going to be me inside of you."

He changes the vibration to another setting, and the alteration in sensation coupled with his filthy words sends arousal hurtling through me. I'm bent over with the vibrator inside of me, my muscles already fluttering around it when he presses the plug to my asshole.

When I stiffen for a second, he reaches for one of my breasts, his finger sliding over my nipple. I have to bite down on my lip to keep from crying out loud as he strokes it, the sensation almost unbearable.

"Relax, sweetheart," he whispers. "This is going to stretch you and get you ready for me."

I whine, but from pleasure more than pain as he works the plug slowly inside of my virgin asshole. I'm so distracted by the vibrator in my pussy and by the way he's stroking my nipple that the shock of pain as he pushes the plug all the way inside of my asshole barely even registers at all. When he has it entirely inside, the base of the plug tight against my ass, the feeling of fullness is almost unbearable.

He moves away from me, going to the bag and taking out the lacy panties. "Stand up, Alexandra," he orders. I comply, barely able to focus on anything except the fact that the vibrator is bringing me higher and higher. I feel drunk, intoxicated by lust, and unable to do anything but focus on my own pleasure.

"I can hardly … stand." I gasp as another wave of pleasure washes over me. "I'm going to … already … oh, fuck."

Max looks amused as he kneels down, taking one foot and then the other and sliding the panties up around my thighs. By the time his palms reach my hips, I can't take it any longer. The vibrator inside me is already pushing me over the edge. When he slides his hands over my abdomen and to my breasts, rising to meet me, my breath is short and I'm dizzy.

He brings his palms to my cheeks, looking into my eyes as he cradles my face. "Go ahead, sweetheart," he tells me. "I know you want to. Come for me."

I'm helpless to control it. I just hold onto him while my orgasm washes over me, whimpering his name over and over as I come. He presses his lips to mine and I kiss him frantically, searching for anything to ground me as I lose control.

Mercifully, he turns off the vibrator as soon as I finish and slides his phone into his back pocket, patting it. He kisses my forehead and then whispers in my ear. "This should make the event tonight a lot more enjoyable for both of us."

Then he winks at me before walking out of my bedroom.



I feel so weird, walking around this event the way I am tonight – with a vibrator and a butt plug inside of me. It's beyond inappropriate and it's completely awkward, but it also makes me feel smug and confident to have a delicious secret no one knows about.

Albie waves me over as soon as I enter the ballroom. "Where's Belle?" I ask, looking around for her.

"I haven't seen her in a while," he replies.

I snort. "Sure you haven't."

He gives me a look. "Is Finn here tonight?"

Asshole. My brother knows that Finn hasn't been anywhere near me since the night of the engagement party. "He's on my nerves," I say dismissively.

"Good. He's a bad influence."

I roll my eyes. "Save your lectures."

"Max didn't like him either," he notes, nodding toward the side of the ballroom where Max and Noah stand, both of them staring at us.

As soon as I look over at Max, the vibrator inside me turns on, sending a low rumble between my legs. I give Max my best angry glare – because, really, turning the vibrator on when I'm talking to my freaking brother?! – but Max just smirks back at me from across the room. "Max should mind his own business," I grumble.

More than that, he should turn off the damn vibrator.

"I think you are his business, Alex," Albie says, laughing.

"Oh, shut up," I hiss.

I'm relieved when Belle rushes over to us with a worried expression on her face. "Derek – my asshole fiancé – ex-fiancé," she explains in hushed whispers. "He's here."

Oh shit. Belle's cheating dirtbag ex-fiancé.

An absolutely murderous look flashes over Albie's face. I reach for his arm, stopping him before he does or says anything crazy. "Alb– "

"I'm going to sneak out of the room right now and hope no one notices," Belle whispers.

Albie immediately says he's going with her, and I squeeze his forearm to stop him. "No, I'll go with her," I declare, giving him a look. The last thing my brother needs to do is draw more attention to him and Belle being together. I might think it's funny to give him grief about it, but it's not going to be funny at all if my father discovers what's happening.

But before we can leave, Sofia is heading toward us. When she reaches Belle, she confesses breathlessly that Derek is here to apologize and isn't that fantastic because he wants to get back together?

"Oh, fuck that," I say louder than I mean to because I can't seem to control the amplification of my voice with Max having turned on the vibrator. Thankfully, Max chooses that exact moment to turn it off, and I let out a long exhale before looking at Belle. "You're not going to take him back, are you?"

Belle just stands there like a deer in headlights while her mother puts her hands on her shoulders and spins her around. "Perhaps you and Derek should talk in a more private room."

As Belle's mother leads her away, I turn to Albie in astonishment. "You saw that, right?" I ask in disbelief. "Belle just walked off to meet her cheating ex-fiancé and you're standing in here doing nothing."

"Where else would I be?" he asks, but his eyes are fixated in their direction and his voice is tense.

"I don't know, maybe stopping her from getting back together with him?"

"Why would I do that, Alex?" he whispers. As if I don't know my brother is totally in love with that girl.

"Maybe because you like her?"

"I never said I liked her."

My brother is absolutely infuriating. "You guys have been obsessed with each other since she got here," I hiss.

"Says the girl who's pointedly ignoring the bodyguard she clearly has a thing for?" Albie asks.

I glance over at Max, who's giving me a dark look. The vibrator flicks on again as soon as I look at him, and I try desperately to ignore the sensation between my legs. Albie doesn't have a clue why I'm trying to ignore Max. It definitely doesn't have anything to do with me trying to avoid the fact that I like him. It's all about this damned vibrator.

I like him.

That thought just entered my brain like it was no big deal, as if it totally belonged there.


I like him.

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