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“My cock is in your mouth, Lala. I can’t get any more unprofessional.”

He answered on his laptop. “Hello.”

“Mr. Hawkins—”

“You can call me Leo.”

I slid him back into my mouth, making sure to play with his balls as well.

He shut his eyes and his head fell back against the headrest, mouthing, “Harder, Lala.”

Leaning forward, I did as I was told. Working him over effortlessly. I knew what Leo loved, like he did with me. I felt him hold in his breath when I licked around the tip of his dick, before my warm mouth sucked him in again.

“Ummm… Sir?”

“I said you can call me Leo.”

“Oh, well… um… Leo.”

“Yeah,” he replied a little too huffy.

My hot mouth glided down his shaft in a slow, torturous rhythm, taking him deep and then back out.

“Fuck…” he muttered under his breath. Grabbing onto the back of my neck, he thrust his cock even deeper in my throat, causing me to gag.

“Leo,” the man on the phone addressed. “You know this is a video call, right?”

Instantly, his eyes opened, sitting straight up. The sudden movement caused his hand on my head to shove his dick deeper down my throat and there was no holding back on my part.

I bit him. A little.

The expression on his handsome face mirrored mine as I removed him from my mouth and he doubled over, groaning in pain, “Call you back.” With that, Leo ended the video call. His face was hiding in the nook of his arm on his desk.

“Oh my God. I’m so, so, so, so sorry! There was no controlling it. It just happened. Are you mad at me?”


“It was an accident.”

“Mmm… Mila. You. Just. Bit. My. Dick.”

“I know. Is he offended?”


Grabbing his cock out of his hand, I apologized to him, “I’m sorry. Here, let me make it better.” I was careful sucking him back in my mouth and when he came in the back of my throat several minutes later, I looked up at him…

And smiled, swallowing his seed like he loved.


There wasn’t a place on Mila’s body I didn’t kiss, touch, or suck. There wasn’t one moan, pant, or I love you left for her to say after I thoroughly made love to her.

I had everything I ever wanted.

Everything I ever hoped for.

My best friend had always been my soulmate.

“Hmm…” she groaned, her eyes fluttering open as I licked her pussy the next morning. “Happy morning to me. Does that mean your dick isn’t mad at me anymore?”

“He was never mad at you.”


I pushed two fingers into her warm, wet heat, and her back arched off the bed as I hit her sweet spot while I fucked her with my mouth.

“That feel good?”

Her breathing hitched, and her legs trembled.

“What?” I pushed harder and sucked faster.

Her legs tightened fucking hard around my head as she came all the way down my face. I savored her taste on my tongue, swallowing all her juices. Her eyes opened, and the light shining in from the window by our bed, brought her attention to her left ring finger.

The two-carat princess cut diamond sparkled in the bright sun, the ring I snuck on her finger without her noticing.


“I never imagined I’d be in a relationship. I never thought I’d want to get married, have kids, or settle down. Now I can’t imagine not doing any of those things, with you. I love you, Mila. I’ve always loved you. Be mine forever. Marry me.”

Her eyes glazed over with fresh tears. “Are you serious?”

“I’ve never been more serious about anything in all my life.”

She sat up and threw her arms around my neck. “I love you too. Of course, I’ll marry you.”

Before I could claim her lips, Ashton barged into our room.


“Dude!” I argued, covering Mila’s naked body with mine. “What the fuck!”

“Bro! I’ve been trying to call you! You won’t believe what happened to me!”

“Ashton,” Mila exclaimed, grabbing the sheet to cover her chest. “How did you get in?”

“I used my key.”

“You have a key?” she asked.

“That’s beside the point, Mila.”

“Ashton, if you don’t get the fu—”

“I have to tell you something.”

“What?” we both yelled in unison.

“Leo, Mila, I met someone. She’s a single mom and a Kindergarten teacher. And guys…”

I thought I’d never hear him say those seven little words that carried the biggest punch…

“I think I’m in love with her.”

The End.

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