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She was my best friend. I loved her. I’d always loved her.

Was I in love with her?




Was she in love with me?




Who knows? Did she?

And now we were naked in this small ass bed, and she was sleeping on my chest. Except, she’d slept like this before on me, several times actually. It was never weird, like having sex with her, it felt normal.

The longer I stayed there, the more I realized, we didn’t fuck.

We didn’t have sex.

We made love.

For the first time in my life, I made love, and I craved to do it again and whenever I wanted to.

I. Was. Fucked.

Because she was still leaving tomorrow.

Could I beg her to stay?

Would she?

Over the horizon, the sun was waking up. Through the trees, I watched my life flash before my eyes.

Our memories.

Our childhood.

Our firsts.

Was this our last?

The past was her.

The present was her.

The future… I didn’t know.

I hugged her closer to my body, wrapping my arms completely around her. She stirred a little but didn’t open her eyes.

Mila wanted to experience new things, I couldn’t stand in her way. It wouldn’t be fair. I thought about the Playboy Pact, about the promise I made to stay single and never fall in love. Until this very moment, I thought I created the pact with the boys to stay close and in each other’s lives. I thought I was doing it for them.

I wasn’t.

I didn’t want to fall in love and be with anyone because this whole time, the person I was meant to be with…

The one I wanted.

Couldn’t live without.

Had been by my side this whole time.

The woman I was in love with…

Was Mila Lawrence.


My best friend.

Chapter 24


The next thing I knew, my eyes fluttered open. “Mmm…” I hummed, trying to fully wake up, but the first thing I noticed, I was alone. “Leo!” I called out, sitting up in the bed.

No answer.

I wiped the sleep away from my eyes. “Leo!”

Still, no answer.

Scooting off the bed toward the ladder, I climbed down until my feet hit the wooden floor at the bottom. Taking a look around the open space, he was nowhere to be found.

“Where did he go?” I walked onto the porch and he wasn’t outside either. “Hmm…”

Confused, I went back inside and shut the double doors behind me. I grabbed clothes to change into, making my way into his bedroom, my mind thinking of every possible scenario of where Leo could be.

Out of nowhere, a memory attacked my mind when we were in Cancun.

“You’re just a regular Casanova, Leo Hawkins.”

“I aim to please. Hopefully, she’ll wake up and leave, and then I can avoid the whole morning after situation.”

I blinked, and I was standing in the shower. The warm water was cascading down my head and body.

Did he leave to avoid me too?

My heart was racing.




I tried not to think about last night, but there was no way I could avoid it.

We had sex!

I had sex with my best friend!

I saw his dick!

He made me squirt for the first time ever!

Image after image played through my mind as I finished my shower. In my pursuit to wash away my worry, I forgot to grab a towel from the linen closet.


I squeezed out my hair and shook my body like I was a dog with fur and it would actually do something before stepping out onto the shower rug. Tiptoeing toward the closed bathroom door, I opened it, coming face to face with Leo standing right there in front of me. Holding a coffee and donut in his hands.

I was wet and butt ass naked.

His eyes instantly raked me over. “You’re making it really hard to say goodbye to you, Mila.”

“Did you say I’m making you hard?”

He gestured to his dick. “You tell me.”

Yep. My main man was standing at attention. Why did I want to touch it again and relieve his ache?

Shaking away the thought, I stated, “I need a towel.”

“That’s pretty obvious.” Handing over the coffee and donut, he tugged the shirt he was wearing over his head. “Here. It’s laundry day.”

I raised my hands in the air, showing him, they were already full. So, he simply placed the shirt over my head and put it on for me. I was about to thank him, but his phone rang.

“This is Leo,” he answered. “I’m good, just helping a friend in need. How are you?”

I couldn’t hear the person on the other end, but Leo’s face briefly turned serious.

“Yes, of course, I know what I have to do. Right, I’ll get on it. It’s not a problem at all.”

I frowned and mouthed, “Everything okay?”

He nodded, the expression on his face not changing. This was a Leo I didn’t recognize, beyond serious.

“I’ll have my secretary send over all that information, and as soon as I have things worked out here, we can figure it out together.”

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