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“How about this?” I asked.

She ducked her head underneath the blanket, letting go of my arm and reaching for the waistband of my pants. She pulled them down, and I felt my cock spring out at her. I lifted the blanket enough to watch her as her eyes widened at the sight of my throbbing, erect cock, and then she wrapped a hand around it to stroke again.

Stroking up for a moment, she looked back at me, and our eyes met as she brought the head to her lips. I gasped as her tongue flicked out and swirled over it, and then she plunged down, taking me into her mouth. It was better than any dream, any fantasy that I had. Her mouth was incredible, her tongue so soft yet strong. She busied herself with trying to take me fully into her throat as I slid my finger down to her opening. Her legs parted as she allowed me to roam, and I pushed the digit inside her.

Mina moaned on my cock as my finger entered her, and the vibration made me cry out as well. She began to bob up and down as I finger-fucked her, my thumb swirling over her clit. She moved so she was on all fours, sucking my cock while I pulled her pants down to her ankles and tossed them away, then pulled her legs over me so she straddled my head.

My tongue flicked out, and I swiped it upward, over her clit, and she took me from her mouth to cry out in ecstasy. She continued to stroke as I licked her, flicking her clit with the tip of my tongue until her toes curled and she shook in my arms, riding the wave of an intense climax and plunging her mouth over my staff to stifle her cries.



His tongue slid through my folds and touched me in a way that I had never felt before. Nothing had been as intense as that moment, wrapped in a blanket with only the sensation of our bodies touching. I was under the blanket completely except for my bottom, curled over his head, and my mouth was stuffed with his engorged member as I took him as far as I could go without gagging.

He was huge and thick and deliciously curved. I wanted to feel him inside of me, ravaging my body. The tension between us had been so strong, so explosive, that it led me here, gripping the base of his cock in one hand while I cried out, my face pressed against the thick blankets while my legs shook and my mind exploded in an orgasm that eclipsed all others.

I rolled off him, throwing the blankets back and behind me and reaching for the hem of my shirt. Suddenly, despite the cold, I was incredibly warm. And he was incredibly hot. As the shirt lifted over my face, I felt him move, pouncing on me and taking one breast into his mouth hungrily while his palm filled with the other. I moaned at the sensation of my sensitive nipples being suckled by him as he settled between my thighs.

I spread my legs to allow him in, and he slowly made his way up my neck with his lips, one hand reaching under my ass to lift me and position me for his entrance. I tried to steel myself for his massive rod, but when the head breached my opening, I found myself clenching the blankets in desperation as he filled me.

I cried out in ecstasy as he thrust until he was deep in me, feeling like he was skewering me with his long, veiny shaft. He grunted with effort and reached out his hands to clasp my wrists as he waited there, pausing for me to relax. After a moment, I did, giving myself to him fully and letting him sink impossibly further into me.

Raising my legs, I draped them over his back and let myself sink into the motion of his hips rocking back and forth as he plunged into me over and over. His hard, throbbing cock penetrated deeper and deeper into me and brought me to levels of intense pleasure I had never imagined were possible.

My fingers dug into the skin on his back and then yanked at his shirt until it was up and over his head. He crumpled down over me as I pulled it off him, leaving us both completely naked, sweat beading along our bodies as he fucked me. His ear was by my lips, and I took the lobe into my mouth and nibbled on it as he crunched his rock-hard abs in repetitive thrusts.

I was soaking wet and impossibly full. He increased his speed and stood on his knees, and I felt his eyes roaming over me as my breasts bounced with each time he drove deeper inside me. Sweat collected between them, and he reached down, filling his hands with them as he used the new position to rock harder and faster into me. My nipples brushed against his palms and hardened as he plunged ever deeper.

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