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My drive back to my home just off the main road in Ashford was pleasant, if cold. The winter was coming in strong, having held off most of December with warm holidays only to dump the cold on us as the new year began. But I couldn’t stop ruminating on Dr. Sutton and his offices being the primary reason for all the noise.

Dr. Sutton continued to bring fame and attention to our hospital, which was lovely. It meant we had all the best equipment and could afford to take on patients that we knew might default to us simply because the place was flush with cash. Unfortunately, it also meant dealing with Dr. Sutton. He was brilliant and talented but also a bear to be around and getting more and more cantankerous as he aged. And he was pretty damn cantankerous to begin with.

When I finally walked in the door, I decided to let it all go. I would think about it tomorrow.

The only stop I made on my way home was to grab some fast food, and I tossed the bag on the couch as I got in. Slipping off my shoes, I crashed onto the couch and started eating right out of the bag. I frankly didn’t have the energy to grab a plate, arrange everything, reheat what had gotten cold, then wash a dish when I was done. That was just too much work.

I flipped on the TV and put on a documentary show about hoarders and zoned out as I shoveled fries into my mouth. When I was done, I balled up the bag and sunk a three-pointer from across the room into the trash can. I still didn’t have the energy to get up. Instead, I pulled a pillow under me, lay down, and watched the show until I drifted off to a deep sleep.

Hours later, I snapped awake, unsure of what time it was. It was dark outside of my window, and the clock on the wall said it was almost six, but that didn’t mean anything. It could be six at night or in the morning.

I pulled open my phone and groaned. It was six in the morning. My alarm was set to go off in five minutes. Rolling my eyes, I decided to lie back down and wait for the alarm. Five more minutes. I needed those five minutes.

When the alarm went off, I sluggishly sat up and yawned. Undressing as I walked to the bathroom, I started a shower and hopped in. The smell of the perfumed shampoo and the hot water got my brain going a bit again, and by the time I got out, all I wanted was a coffee.

I wrapped myself in a towel and headed to the kitchen. I made the coffee with a towel around my chest and another holding my hair. With a mug in hand, I made my way back to the bedroom. I got dressed quickly and grabbed my coffee to head back to the living room when I stubbed my toe on the dresser.

“Shit!” I said, spilling the coffee on myself.

I quickly threw on a fresh pair of scrubs, leaving myself no time for error.

Grumbling, I put on my shoes and limped my way to the car. When I arrived at the hospital, my frustration hit its peak. There were four parking spaces set aside for the four pediatricians. Dr. Sutton was first, then two others, then me. The first three spaces were open and fine.

The fourth had a giant construction truck turned sideways in it.

This day was not looking promising.



The fourth floor of the hospital had a spectacular view of Ashford, Tennessee. Nestled in the mountain at the intersection of five towns, it was an anomaly in that it was a major center in the midst of not much else. The surrounding towns were a bit bigger than sleepy little Ashford, but the hospital itself faced in its direction, and I couldn’t help but admire the view every once in a while. Especially when I wanted to take a break to eat.

I leaned forward in the little metal chair to look down over the small parking lot set aside for the doctors and nurses and saw my truck still sitting where I’d parked it. I knew it was an obnoxious way to park, going sideways across four or five spaces, but I needed it close to the building, and Dr. Sutton was so insistent. When I pulled in that morning, he was waiting in his spot.

I had heard that he was rather fussy and difficult to deal with, but he seemed fairly genial when I met him. He shook my hand and informed me that I should park the way I did. Considering that the window it was below was where most of the work was going to be done that day and we were going to be tossing things out of it, it was better to have my truck there since it was insured along with our equipment.

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