When She's Lonely (Risdaverse) - Page 32

Whimpering, I jolt with every quiver of arousal that spears through me. He adds another finger to my body, stretching me inside, and all the while, his tongue doesn't let up from the pattern he's tapping at the side of my clit. I angle my hips, driving back against his fingers and jerking against his mouth, following the arousal. When I come, it's so hard and perfect that I squeal, a sound I'm pretty sure I've never made in bed in my life.

Khex groans and his teeth scrape against my buttock as he lifts his head. He presses kisses to my skin as I quiver through my orgasm, his fingers slowly working my now-sloppy-with-release pussy. I'm panting and feel flushed, but I feel so good that I don't care how disheveled I look.

His fingers slide from my body and I make a sound of protest. A moment later, his hand is on my hip and he turns me onto my back, gazing down at me. Khex's mouth is flushed a deeper shade of blue, his lips full as if he's been kissing…which I suppose he has. It just wasn't my mouth. He leans down and nips at my lower lip, sending a flutter of arousal through my belly again. "You sure you want this? Want me?"

I nod, sliding my hands over his big arms as he braces his larger body over mine. "More than anything."

"Ash," he groans, and kisses me hard again. "You're so keffing perfect."

He's wrong. If I was perfect, I wouldn't have been eaten up with doubt over having sex with him. I wouldn't have waited until the night before he leaves to claim him. But now isn't the time for arguing. I lift one leg, planting my ankle on his buttock and nudging him down towards my body. I'm not anywhere close to being done with him, and I don't care if I can't walk straight tomorrow—I'm going to be greedy with this alien man tonight.

Khex kisses me one more time, and then I'm staring up at shoulders and throat as he reaches between us and adjusts the head of his cock at the entrance to my body. I gasp, because he feels really big the moment he prods at my core, and when he presses forward, it takes everything I have not to squirm away in response. Sucking in a breath, I try to relax, to envision my pussy as something welcoming, something open and inviting.

Instead, my head fills with mental imagery of a hot dog sliding into a hot dog bun, and I start to giggle.

"Not what a male wants to hear when he's pushing into a female," Khex grits out, his face strained as he glances down at me.

"Sorry," I murmur, biting back more laughter. "I was…you just feel big and I wanted to visualize taking you into my body…" The words die in my throat as he shifts his hips, pushing deeper into me. It feels as if I'm being split apart, and every hair on my body stands on end. A quick flash of pain disappears, leaving me with the feeling of intense fullness, and pleasure ripples through my nerve endings. "Oh…never mind. That's really good."

He grunts a response at me, pushing forward on one of my thighs, and then he's slowly sinking deeper into my body with rocking, gentle movements. He's so big I get another mental image, this time of him rearranging my organs every time he pushes deep. Instead of making me laugh, though, I moan and cling to the big arms braced over me.

I know he's in fully when that blunted spur of his slides into place, rubbing against the underside of my clit. The sensation sends shivers through me, and I lift my other leg, intending to put it on his hip. Instead, he leans forward, bracing my foot on his shoulder. It splays me open and as he tilts forward, I realize that when he thrusts in, he goes deep.

I choke on my next moan, my fingers digging into the plating on his arms. "Oh fuck."

"Yes. Right now we're fucking," he agrees, practically purring the words. "Hold on tight, because I'm about to fuck the kef out of this tight little cunt of yours."

"Do it," I tell him. "Make me come again."

Khex growls, the sound low and hungry, and it makes me clench up around him. He adjusts one hand next to my head, and then he's fucking me hard, pumping into me with such swift, sure strokes that it takes all that I have to hold onto him as he pounds into me. His spur hits me just right each time, and his cock is so big and the fit so tight that I feel each ridge drag in and out of me. Before long, I'm crying out, everything in me clenching up and coming all over again. Stars dance behind my eyes as he hammers into me, not stopping, and I come and come forever.

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