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People jump out of the way as we cross through the room and make our exit, but we don’t get very far. Two cop cars pull up along with a black SUV. Connor stops walking and turns to me as his big hands cup my face.

“No matter what happens right now, little duck, I’ll be back for you,” he vows. I’ll never doubt that again, and I think deep down I knew he would come.

“Are you getting arrested?” The tears finally break free because I can’t hold them back anymore. I wish I could be stronger for him, but it’s all too much.

He swipes his thumbs over my cheeks and shakes his head. “Don’t fight your tears. As much as I hate them, I don’t want you hiding anything from me.”

“How did you know?”

“I can’t explain it, but I just do when it comes to you.” He brushes his mouth against mine in a soft, quick kiss. “They might arrest me right now, but they can’t hold me long.”

“I’ll call Veronica,” Wilder says. I’m guessing that’s a lawyer.

“We’re going to need you to step away from the girl,” one of the officers says. Connor ignores them and presses one more kiss to my mouth before he drops his hands from my face.

“We were just leaving,” he informs them.

“We’re told you assaulted three people,” a man in a dark suit says. He’d gotten out of the black SUV and isn’t in a police uniform. Though from how all the other officers are looking to him, I’m thinking he’s in charge. For some reason, he looks vaguely familiar.

“Carter swung at him first and then the other two jumped in!” I can’t help but defend him.

“We’ll discuss all this down at the station,” the man says.

“It’s true, Dad.” I turn to see Paige standing off to the side. She’s all dressed up like she was at the party, but I hadn’t seen her inside earlier. “I saw the whole thing. They attacked him. He told Carter to let Evie go, and he wouldn't. Then Carter swung at him first.”

I’m shocked, and I have no clue why Paige is coming to my defense. I’ll take anything to get me the hell out of here.

“Is that so?” he asks Connor.

“Yeah, I only came to get my girl.”

“And this is your girl?” He nods to me.


“Do you want to go with him?”

“Yes,” I rush to say, and it’s the truth. “Carter wouldn’t let me leave.” I can only pray I don’t have marks on my arm from where he grabbed me. I have a feeling if I do, Connor will be back here.

“All right.” He steps aside, motioning for us to leave, but it feels too easy.

Then I realize they aren’t asking if we want to press charges, they just want us gone too. I’m sure they don’t want to arrest anyone attending this party because that would be a nightmare for everyone. It’s complete bullshit, but right now I don’t care. I only want out of here with Connor.

Connor guides me toward a vehicle and opens the door for me. When we all get in, no one says a word as we pull away from the house and out the gates. I want to ask where we’re going, but I can tell Connor is trying to get himself under control.

He hadn’t wanted to leave, and I think if he was given the chance, he would have beat the hell out of Carter. Instead, he wasn't going to risk the chance of him being taken from me. Thankfully, he made the right choice because I couldn’t have handled that.

When we pull onto the highway, I can’t help myself anymore. I unclick my seatbelt, not caring that Connor wants me to keep it on. I need to be closer to him.

“Little duck.”

“I don’t care.” I crawl into his lap and kiss him, and he groans as the fight leaves him. His fingers sink into my hair as he kisses me back, and it’s my turn to moan into his mouth. I feel his hard cock press against my thin panties, and the tiny dress I’m wearing rides all the way up.

“We have to stop,” he says, but kisses me again.

“No,” I protest, grinding down on his cock.

“I don’t want to kill my cousin because he hears you cum.” I jerk my head up, having forgotten for a moment where we were.

“Right.” I bite my lip as heat rushes to my face.

“Yeah, I’d rather live,” Wilder teases from the driver's seat.

“Do you think we’re in the clear? They can’t do anything to you, can they?”

“It’s not over, Evie. I promise you that.” Connor links our fingers together.

“What do you mean?” I plead. “Please don’t get yourself into trouble.”

“I promise you I’d never let that happen. No one is taking you from me ever again.” His grip on me tightens. “But that boy needs to be handled before he goes after some other girl because he thinks he can get away with it. I’ll handle that later.”

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