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His fingers drift up and down my stomach. For a moment I forget someone is at the door until the doorbell rings again, and time I hear his cousin Natalie’s voice call out.

“I do too, but—” I’m cut off when a male voice calls out from the front door next.

“Pants,” Connor grumbles, realizing that there’s a man at the door too, making me laugh.

I go to leave, but before I can get out of his reach, he pulls me to him and kisses me first. “I wasn’t saying I wanted you out of here, little duck. Are we clear on that? I want you to know that.” I can’t stop the tears that prick at my eyes. He understood that I needed to hear that and that I need a bit of reassurance with the life I’ve led.

“Yeah, I hear you.”

“Good.” He smiles against my mouth and squeezes my ass. “Clothes.”

“Open the damn door, I'm freezing!” Natalie calls, pounding on the door this time. “What the hell are you doing in there?”

I dart back upstairs and into the bedroom. Last night I hadn’t realized that Connor gave me his room while he took the guest room for himself. Everything he’s done since I’ve met him has been utterly sweet. I didn’t think men like him existed.

I find some of the clothes Connor got from his cousin, along with some of my own. I pull on some yoga pants and see that even with Connor’s shirt falling to my knees, it still feels too intimate to be wearing it with other people here. Especially one being a guy—I’m guessing that’s his cousin Wilder.

I hear the hum of their voices when I slip back down the stairs. Wilder is the first I can actually make out.

“So you’ve got her hidden away or something?”

“Will you mind your own damn business? And don’t eat that,” Connor barks, and I hear a small slap like he’s hit Wilder’s hand away.

“Damn, I’m hungry,” Wilder grumbles.

“Then go back to your own cabin and eat.”

“You know he can’t cook to save his life,” Natalie laughs. “So where is she?” I can picture her peeking around, but I’m tucked far enough up the stairs they can’t see me from the kitchen area.

“What’s the matter with you two? Don’t you have guests to oversee?” I’m not sure how to take Connor’s reaction. Does he not want to share me, or could it be something else? I don’t want to let my insecurities come rushing back in, especially after the moment we just had, but it’s hard when I’ve had a life filled with them.

“And I’m here trying to oversee one,” Natalie tosses back.

“I’m taking care of her just fine.”

“Is that so?” Wilder responds. I should probably stop listening, but I can’t help myself.

“We’re worried is all. You snatched the girl up and brought her back to your place. You don’t bring anyone here, and now you’re not acting like yourself.”

“We’re fine” is the only response he gives, and then it grows quiet for a long moment.

“Plus, we’re here about one of the other guests. They got one of the snowmobiles stuck, and I need your help to get it out.”

“Already?” Connor grumbles. “We need an age limit of twenty-one next time. These kids are too young to be out there horsing around.”

“That’s rich coming from someone who is—”

“Don’t,” Connor cuts Wilder off.

“I’d have to agree with Connor,” I say, making myself known as I come down the stairs. “Though if they break anything, they can afford to replace it, so there is that.”

Everyone turns my way. I know both Wilder and Natalie are taking in the fact that I’m wearing Connor’s shirt still. “Morning,” I add when no one says anything else.

“Morning,” they both rush to say.

“Come eat.” Connor motions for me to come to him, and I do without hesitation. He wraps his arm around me, clearly not caring what his cousins think. I relax when I realize he’s not going to try and hide us. He’s not embarrassed of me, and I fall a little in love with him. “Have your breakfast and then go take a swim in that giant tub. I’ve got to run out, but I’ll be back.”

“I understand,” I reassure him. “I’ve got my books to keep my company.” He kisses me right in front of both of them, and I can feel them staring at us, but I don’t care.

Especially if Connor doesn’t.

Chapter Twelve


“What?” I snap when I feel Wilder look over at me for the tenth time.

“Nothing,” he says, but I hear the laughter in his voice. “I’m just surprised.”

“At what?” I feel like grinding my teeth because I’m getting called away from Evie for this bullshit.

“Well, as of about forty-eight hours ago, you told us that you were never getting married or having babies, and it looked to me like that’s exactly what you were trying to do.”

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