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Leaning over her body, I kiss between her breasts and then suck on her beaded nipples. The peaks are hard against my tongue, and I graze my teeth across them. She keeps moaning my name as I switch back and forth, giving both of them equal attention.

“Move, Donovan. You’ve got to move.” She raises her hips up in invitation, and now it’s my turn to groan.

“So tight,” I hiss as I pull out just a little and then rock back inside. Her eyes meet mine as I pull out once more and then slowly pump back inside. She’s warm and wet and fucking perfect.

“I love you,” she says softly, wrapping her arms around my neck.

“I love you too, sunshine.” My lips meet hers, and when I feel her tongue brush against mine, my cock throbs.

Fuck, I’m not going to last. Reaching between us, I graze my fingers over her clit, and she clenches around me. Her pussy is so slippery, but I keep rubbing my knuckle against it until I feel she’s close.

“Right there.” She arches her back and closes her eyes as a blush blooms up her chest and neck.

I keep my eyes on her so I don’t miss the moment the pleasure takes over and her orgasm hits. Seeing Gracie cum with my cock in her is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, and it sends me right over the edge with her.

My cock pulses in time with her cunt as I cum and cum inside her. My insides are on fire as every last drop I’ve ever made creams her pussy to the point that it’s dripping out and down her ass. I’ve never felt something so powerful before, and I have to gasp to keep from passing out.

The only sounds are those of the two of us trying to catch our breath as we cling to one another. It’s so peaceful and perfect that I never want this moment to end. I never want to spend a second away from the woman I love.

Chapter Thirteen


“Donovan!” I dig my fingers into his hair as the orgasm hits me. His mouth is relentless while sending me over the end into pure pleasure. Both my body and I are madly in love with this man. We may not have been together long, but he can read me better than anyone else.

Slowly, I open my eyes to meet his. He’s resting his head on the inside of my thigh, using it as a pillow. He also has a very smug smile on his lips. I can’t give him crap over it either because he is godly with that mouth. I’m so going to marry him one day.

“Morning, sunshine.” He turns his head, kissing the inside of my thigh. The curtains in the bedroom are pulled back, and the whole room is flooded with light.

“Crap.” I try to sit up but get nowhere with Donovan lying on me. “What time is it?”

“You’re fine. I talked to your boss this morning and checked in with Evy. Relax.”

I drop back down, processing what he’s saying. “You talked to my boss and my dad’s girlfriend?” My dad might not be calling Evy that, but I am.

Well, if they’re still together. I can’t fault her if she tells him to get lost at this point. He has some groveling he needs to do, and I hope he does it. It’s clear to me she’s in love with my dad and cares about him deeply. I don’t think he'd be too happy if a man was doing some of the things to me he’s doing to her. She doesn’t need to be kept in the dark.

“Don’t be mad at me. You were sleeping so I handled some things. You needed to rest.”

“I’m not mad.” I reach down and run my fingers through his hair. “Thank you.”

“It’s my pleasure to take care of you.” He climbs up my body, and when he kisses me, I reach my hand between us and guide his cock to my opening. “Sunshine. You’re sore.”

There is no fight in his words, but he’s trying to do the right thing. I’m really not having it right now because I want him inside me. I want that connection.

“I do ache.” I wrap my legs around him and lift my hips, making his cock slip into me a few inches. “I ache for you.” I nibble on his bottom lip.

When I’m with Donovan this way, it’s easy to forget about everything else but the two of us. The rest of the world melts away, and there is only happiness with no other worries.

“I can’t tell you no.” He grunts as he thrusts all the way inside of me, and I can’t stop the small gasp that leaves me. “Gracie.” His voice is so low it sends a shiver across my skin.

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