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“Does it make you sad?” I stop and she turns to face me.

“No.” She smiles softly and shakes her head. “It makes me so damn happy he’s finally found someone to spend his life with.” She goes up on her tiptoes and kisses me out in the open for everyone to see. “Everyone deserves to be loved.”

It’s like she’s speaking right to my heart as I nod and pull her against me for a hug. Hugs from Gracie make me feel warm inside where I’ve been empty. It feels like maybe if I hug her enough, I’ll be whole again.

“Come on, let me teach you how to make the best caramel apples in town.”

“These are the only ones in town, aren’t they?” I tease, and she nods.

“That’s why they’re the best.”

We spend most of the late afternoon and evening in the little house with me making apples and popcorn while Gracie talks to every single person like they’re old friends. Maybe some of them are. She always introduces me with pride in her voice and a sense of appreciation. It makes me feel so good even if I don’t remember any of the people she’s introducing me to. The only thing I know is the longer I’m with Gracie, the less I want to be away from her.

“Hey, Gracie, we’re here to take over,” a woman says as she knocks on the door. A man beside her is carrying more refreshments, and it’s a good thing because we’ve sold out of most of everything.

“Thanks, Lou-Anne. It’s been busy, but I’m sure it’s only going to get busier tonight.”

“It always does when the sun sets.”

We move out of their way, and Gracie tells them all the important stuff as I wait at her side. I can’t help looking at her when she speaks because she’s so happy. It’s infectious, and I find myself smiling more today than I have since all the years after my accident.

“Goodnight,” she tells the couple as she turns to me and bounces on her toes. “Ready to go?”

“Oh no, you’re not getting out of it that easily,” I say and tug her against me. “Come on, it will be fun.”

“If you say so, big guy.” She snatches a little map off the table as I pull her against me and walk toward the maze.

The sun has fully set, and I can already hear some people shrieking in the distance. I smile when I see her jump when a stalk of the corn brushes against her ankle.

“I’ve got you,” I say against her ear and pull her back to my front.

Just then someone jumps out from around the corner, and Gracie shrieks. After the guy runs off, she giggles and then turns in my arms to playfully swat at my chest.

“Stop laughing at me.”

“You’re laughing at yourself.” I lean down and kiss her on the lips before she can argue with me.

“It’s creepy in here,” she says against my lips as she presses her full curves to my hard lines.

“Does that turn you on?” My hand dips down the back of her jeans, and I palm her ass.

“Maybe a little?” She looks around and then back at me. “We can’t out here.”

“Trust me?” I ask, and she nods. “Follow me.”

I check the map and see a section of the cornfield that’s away from the trail, and I carry her to it. This isn’t the place we’re going to fuck for the first time, but I’m just as eager to make her cum as she is to get off.

Chapter Nine


Donovan keeps me tucked close into his side as he leads me deeper into the corn maze. A few years ago my dad tried to get me to go inside with him, but I was a big chicken. With Donovan, I easily agreed, and at this moment I think I’d let him take me anywhere. Especially if he holds me close the way he is right now.

I was surprised with how quick he was to come with me today. Truthfully, as much as I love doing this, I wanted to stay with him. I never in a million years thought he would jump on tagging along. Not with how he never seems to go anywhere. I’ve never once seen him in town before. Except for the night of the bachelorette party, and he was inside of a car the whole time.

He weaves through the maze like he’s been here before. He’s a man on a mission to get us alone, and I can’t say I disagree. I hear a few people scream and laugh somewhere inside the maze not far from us.

“Ahh!” A man with a Jason mask suddenly jumps out with a fake chainsaw lifted over his head. He is almost on top of us when he breaks through the corn wall. I press myself into Donovan’s side, reminding myself this is all fake. Before I know it, Donovan’s hand snaps out and grabs the man’s wrist. The chainsaw drops to the ground, and the sound stops. The man goes stumbling back a few steps before falling on his ass.

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