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“You might as well have kicked down the door and pissed on me.”


“Stop thinking it over.” She slaps my chest, and I smile down at her. She’s trying to hide her smile as she holds on to her anger. “That’s gross.”

We’re crossing the street, but there’s no traffic as I spin around and lift her up in my arms. She tries to wiggle out of my hold, but I just shake my head and then kiss her right there for everyone to see. She might think she doesn’t want me to do it, but as soon as her lips are on mine, she’s melting against me, and the fight falls out of her like a heavy weight. When her tongue sweeps against mine, I know I’ve got her.

“You’re mine, Val, and I’m okay letting everyone know it.” I kiss her again and then press my cheek to hers. “And that includes breaking up what I thought was lunch with another man.”

“You’re a caveman,” she sighs and wraps her arms around my neck.

“You like it.” After carrying her back across the street to the shop, I place her on her feet in front of the store and wait for her to unlock it.

“Are you coming in?” she asks, and I shake my head.

“I really do have to finish up some things for the Fall Festival tomorrow, but I’ll be right here after your last client to take you home.”

I don’t mention that home is my house, because that’s exactly where her home is going to be from now on. Sometimes being too direct with Val makes her stop and think it over too much. I’ve found that it’s better to just do what I want with her and ask for forgiveness later. Like today. She wouldn’t have wanted me to bust up in the diner and feed her lunch in front of another man because it’s ridiculous. But I can guarantee her panties are wet. Fuck, now I want to check.

Looking over my shoulder to my office next door and then to my watch, I think about how much time I’ve got.

“Let’s make this fast,” I say, hurrying her inside and closing the door behind us.

“What are you doing? I’ve got a client in five minutes.”

“Which is why we need to hurry.”

“Tidas,” she protests, but I’m already pushing her back behind her desk.

“Just let me do it.” My words are clipped as I plop her on the desk so her back is facing the door. Quickly I push up her dress and pull her ass to the edge before I bury my face in her panties. “I knew you’d be wet.”

There’s a half wall that divides the space, and her desk is around the corner, but still there’s a chance someone could catch us, and it only heightens my need.

“Oh god,” she moans and rubs her pussy against my face.

Yanking her panties to the side, I don’t tease as I start eating her like it's a pie-eating contest. “Told you to call me by my first name. God is too dignified for what I want to do to you.” I sweep my tongue over her clit and then suck on it.

“You’re an ass.” She grips my hair hard as she moans my name. “Tidas.”

“That’s it.” Sliding my fingers into her wet cunt, I thrust them quickly and then curl them toward me so I can rub that sweet spot.

“Right there.” Her voice is getting higher as her legs tense and she bears down on my face.

Just as my tongue circles her clit to send her over the edge, the bell on the door chimes, and Valerie shouts, “I’m coming!”

And she does, all over my mouth. Knowing that whoever walked in is too far away to see what’s happening or me kneeling behind Val’s desk between her legs, I lick her slowly, taking my time cleaning her up before I tuck her panties back in place and pat the soft cotton covering her pussy.

Looking up at her, I see she’s flushed and soft, but there’s something mischievous about her smile. I lick my lips as I stand and then wink at her. “Gotta go, babe.” With one quick kiss, I look behind Valerie and see Rebecca standing in the shop with her arms crossed over her chest glaring in our direction.

“Oh, I didn’t see you there,” Valerie says unconvincingly. When I raise my eyebrow in question, she nods to the mirror behind me.

Apparently Valerie could see whoever walked in, and they could see some of what was happening behind her desk. I guess Valerie didn’t mind Rebecca getting an eyeful of me going down on her. Why does that make my cock even harder? Is it because maybe she was putting her stamp of ownership on me this time? It’s not like she could have really seen anything other than my head between Val’s legs while I ate my fill.

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