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I could be pregnant. Oh, and let’s not forget about all the other things that can happen with unprotected sex. What the hell is wrong with me? I’m always so sensible, except with Tidas. At least I haven't heard about him being with anyone else in town. I think I would have caught wind of that. This town loves to gossip. It’s terrible and wonderful. I’m not sure I can bring myself to ask. I really don’t want to hear about him with another woman. My stomach starts to turn at even the idea of it.

I should get the hell out of here. I totally need to play this cool. God knows Tidas isn’t looking for anything long term. Maybe that means we’ll hook up from time to time. I can be cool. Totally cool. I repeat this in my head, trying to convince myself that’s not a total lie.

There is one major problem, and it’s my feelings. I can’t even believe it because I was supposed to hate him. If I do this fling thing I’m going to end up most likely getting my heart broken. Then what happens when it’s over? Would he start seeing other people? I’d have to watch him date other women with him right next door to me. There would be no escaping him.

“Ahh!” Tidas suddenly lifts his hand from between my legs only to bring it back down with a pop, and I yelp. “Did you just smack my vagina?!”

“Pussy, babe. You can say the word.”

“That’s not the point! You slapped my…my…pussy!” It didn’t actually hurt. It was more shocking than anything. Dirty too. And damn do I love it when he does dirty and unexpected things to me.

“Had to get you to stop thinking.” I turn my head to glare at him, but all he does is kiss me senseless, and I melt into him. “Morning,” he says when he finally releases my mouth.

“Morning.” I can’t help but smile at his handsome face.

“Don’t try and sneak out of my bed.”

“You snuck out of my bed.”

He shrugs. “I was going to get you food, plus we don’t have the same rules.” He did not just say that.

“Listen here…” Again he cuts me off with his mouth before I can even get going.

“I’ll make breakfast,” he says before rolling out of bed.

My eyes lock on his naked ass as he strolls into his closet. The man is too good looking for public consumption. He comes back out a moment later with a pair of sweatpants on. His eyes roam over me as I sit up in the middle of his bed holding the sheet over my naked body. He’s looking all extra hot and I’m sure I’m a mess right now.

I reach up and try to smooth down my hair. I usually keep my hair straight, but it’s naturally curly. “You want hot chocolate?” he asks, coming over to the side of the bed.

“Do you really know I don’t drink coffee?” Tidas seems to pay more attention to me than I’ve realized. He reaches out and grabs one of my curls.

“I like your hair this way,” he says instead of answering my question. “Hot chocolate?”


He leans down and kisses me again before he turns and walks out of the room. The man is even whistling while he goes. I huff, blowing a few of the curls out of my face as I fall back onto the bed. What the hell is happening here?

I pop back up when I hear my phone start ringing. I quickly realize when I stumble out of the bed that I have nothing to wear. There is no way that dress is wearable at this point, so I go into Tidas’s closet and steal some clothes before I go in search of my phone.

Of course I have a handful of texts from people when I find it. Everyone is already gossiping about me leaving the bar with Tidas last night. My phone rings in my hand, and I answer it.

“Hey Mom,” I say dipping into the bathroom and closing the door behind me.

“Honey, are you okay?”

“I’m fine. Aren't you on a ship somewhere?” Of course gossip already got to her. It didn’t matter if she was on the other side of the planet.

“I can still check on my baby girl. Especially when Joyce Green called me first thing this morning to tell me that my daughter stole her granddaughter's man.”

“Seriously?” Joyce Green is Rebecca’s grandmother and the town's busybody.

“Don’t you worry. I set her straight. Tidas isn’t into her.” I groan. I need to get ahead of this gossip train, if that’s even possible.

“Mom, it’s not like that.” The bathroom door bursts open, and Tidas comes walking in.

My mom, I mouth to him, pointing to the phone pressed to my ear.

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