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“Dude, what’s your problem?” the guy behind me says, and I slowly close my eyes, trying to find inner peace.

“Val,” I say sternly as my eyes open and lock on hers.

“Goodbye, Chad, nice talking to you,” she says to the guy without looking up at him.

“No it wasn’t,” I interrupt, and she narrows her eyes on me.

“Whatever,” the guy named Chad says, and I hear him mumbling something about drama behind me as he leaves.

“Is this what you wanted?”

She raises her chin stubbornly. “I don’t know what you mean.”

“You knew exactly what I’d do when I saw you dressed like that.” I lean in so close my entire body presses against hers.

“You just walked out of the shop.” She shrugs and tries to look away, but I grab her chin and make her look at me.

“Because all I wanted to do was take you to the ground and fuck you right there on the floor of that bridal shop. Is that what you wanted me to do?” My eyes move to her mouth, and I lick my lips, remembering how good they taste. “What about right here? You want me to push this dress up and fuck you against the bar so that every goddamn man in this town knows who you belong to?”

She swallows hard but doesn’t answer me.

“Say goodbye to your friends. We’re leaving.” I take her by the arm and tug her behind me as I push through the crowd.

“Wait, I can’t leave, I’m their ride.”

When I get to the door, I stop and look back. Just then I see the bride being thrown over her fiancé’s shoulder and carried out beside us.

“Bye, Valerie!” she calls and then giggles when her man smacks her ass.

That’s what I should have done with Val.

“Are you leaving too?” her friend Gracie asks as she comes over to watch Julie being carried out.



Both Val and I answer at the same time, and I turn my glare on her. “Yes, she’s leaving. My brother can take you home when you’re ready to go. He’s parked out front in my car.” I hold out my hand to Val. “Give me your keys.”

She rolls her eyes but eventually hands them over. She says her goodbyes to Gracie and I nod to her as I pull Valerie in my arms and we exit the bar. Out front, Donovan is still sitting in my car, but he’s moved to the driver's seat. I know he’s going to be so fucking pissed he has to take Gracie home, but I don’t care. He can do me this favor after years of me looking out for him.

“Valerie’s friend Gracie needs a ride home. You’re going to take her.” He opens his mouth to protest, but then I see him glance behind me and snap his jaw closed tight. He surprises me by nodding and then pulling his hood up.

Without another word, I pull Val over to her car and open the passenger door.

“This is the worst night ever.” She rolls her eyes as she gets in.

Leaning in, I buckle her seatbelt for her and then lower my mouth to hers. The kiss is searing hot, and I grab her face with both hands, wanting to drink her into me. Fuck, this woman makes me crazy, and right now I’m a full-on lunatic seeing her dressed like this.

When I finally pull away, she’s out of breath, and her lips are red and swollen. “You’re coming home with me tonight, and you’ll regret those words.” Her lips part, but I shake my head. “You brought this on yourself.”

Chapter Eleven


Tidas pulls out of the parking lot of the bar, and I touch my sensitive lips. I should tell him to take me home, but I don’t want to go home to my empty house. Not with the way Tidas was looking at me when he entered the bar.

He was jealous, and I secretly loved every second of it. Not that I would ever tell him that. My whole body is buzzing with excitement as I press my thighs together and wonder what he’s going to do to me when we get back to his place.

I’d gone to the bar thinking I might try and flirt with someone. I thought it might help my ego after Tidas stomped out of my shop. It was a long shot because there’s never anyone but locals at that bar, but there was actually a group of men passing through.

Chad was nice and a bit handsome. All I’d done the whole time he talked to me was compare him to Tidas, but the guy hadn't measured up. Especially when it came to physical attraction.

Tidas only needs to be around and I get turned on. Who am I kidding? I get turned on just thinking about him. My body only reacts that way to Tidas for some reason, which is really starting to freak me out.

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