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“This isn’t the first time you’ve seen these, Uncle Max.”

He growls.

“Maybe not, but it’s the first time I’m seeing you like this knowing that I’m going to own these curves.”

With that, I pull the rest of the dress over my head. But there’s still a scrap of lace between us and keeping my eyes on his, I slip my thumbs into the thong at my hips and push down. The fabric is embarrassingly wet at the crotch, but I don’t care. That dampness is proof of my arousal, and I want him to see how much I desire him.

Max looks so aroused that he can’t speak.

“You’re so beautiful baby,” he manages to croak, those blue eyes roaming up and down my lushness. “Fuck, I want this.”

Then, he lays his hands on the curve of my hips and gently squeezes. That small touch is so erotic, and a warm shiver runs through my frame as I grow moist between my thighs.

“What are you doing to me?” I whisper against his lips.

Heat flares in his eyes.

“Exactly what should be done to you. I’m going to worship you, Rachel. Thoroughly. Completely. Repeatedly. Again and again. Get ready, honey, because it’s happening.”

With that, our night of hedonism begins.



“Oh fuck!” I breathe, as the older man bends his head and presses a kiss to a stiff nipple. “Mmm!”

He chuckles against my skin and says, “I like that dirty mouth.”

I can’t reply and the only sound I make is a breathless, “Mmmmm!”

He chuckles again and begins trailing his hands down my legs. Then Max pauses and rasps, “Hang on, baby. We’re going for a ride.”

I barely get my hands around the alpha male’s neck before he grips my thighs in his strong hands and hauls me against him, wrapping my legs around his trim waist. I feel the entire length of him against my core, and cry out at the intimate sensation.

But Max isn’t done yet. Instead, his biceps bulge as that huge glans probes at my tiny hole as I moan and sigh. Then it happens. My eyes widen as he slides into me and I let out a low, guttural cry.

“Oh fuck!” I whisper hoarsely, poised at the sudden intrusion. “You’re too big!”

“Yes, I’m big but you can handle it sweetheart,” he rasps against my mouth. “I’ve got you. Just relax and let yourself feel.”

I breathe hard through my nose, trying to loosen my muscles as Max murmurs compliments against my lips. Then, he reaches a hand between us to stroke my stiff nub, and it feels so good. Hot juices rush out, lubing the way, and then he sinks balls deep into my warm, wet slit.

“Mmmm,” I moan breathily, throwing my head back. “Unh!”

Meanwhile, Max lowers me to the bed once more before pulling his hips back and pushing into me again. He’s so big that I can’t speak, I feel so full. My eyes open wide and the words catch in my throat.

“I need…” I trail off when he thrusts his cock into me again. The shaft brushes against my swollen clit, and I gasp at the contact.

“What do you need, Rachel? Tell me, sweetheart. I’ll give you whatever you want.” His blue eyes are nearly black now, the ocean-colored ring overtaken by his pupils.

“I-- I don’t know. I just need!” I moan deliriously.

Fortunately, Max seems to be able to intuit my demands. He leans forward, his weight almost crushing my curvy frame, but I don’t mind. I’m plastered against acres of hard, bronzed muscle, and before I realize it, I nip a hard shoulder.

“Sweetheart, did you really do that?”

I smile at him breathlessly.

“Oh yes. You look and taste amazing, Mr. Wyndham. Especially for a man of your age.”

He growls, his eyes flaring with heat.

“A man of my age?”

My cheeks redden. “Well, you know what I mean.”

Dark slashes flare across his cheekbones. “It’s fine, sweetheart. I’m well aware of the decades between us, trust me. But you need to pay for what you’ve just said.”

With that, he pushes forcefully into me again, and I let out a shrill scream because I’m stuffed so full. OMG, my curvy body’s being torn in two and yet I love it so much and part my thighs even wider to let him in.

“Fuck, you’re such a dirty little girl. But you know what happens to dirty girls, right?”

I’m breathless, merely staring at him as I’m skewered.

“No, what Daddy?”

A gleam comes into those blue eyes then. He pulls out all the way, and pushes my knees up and back so that they’re practically by my ears. Then he looks down and spits, but the saliva doesn’t land on my pussy. Instead, it trails down below to lube my bottom hole and I gasp with realization.

“You’re going to …?”

“Yes baby,” he rasps. “I’m absolutely going to put it in you here. You’re so fucking filthy, and I know you can take it just fine.”

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