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“Damn right I am, and don’t worry, hon. We’ll make you forget Danny once and for all. That man doesn’t deserve you, and you’re going to meet someone tall, handsome, and amazing within the next week or two. I can feel it!”

I smile blearily again, but my heart cracks a bit because I’m a single woman in NYC, and it’s tough to meet guys here. Now that I’ve been dumped by the man I was planning to marry, what’s going to happen to me now? I wish I knew a handsome, older man ready for wedding bells, but then a snort escapes my lips. There’s no way that’s happening because it’s just a myth. Guys like that don’t exist in New York. Or do they?



I open my eyes the next morning and immediately confusion enters my mind. Where am I?

Then it all comes rushing best and I sigh with exhaustion, closing my eyes once more. After my sobfest yesterday, I napped and woke up to Chinese takeout and awful 80’s movies with my best friend. Laurelin is an amazing woman, and was there to support me one hundred percent, which I’ll be eternally grateful for.

“Good morning, sunshine!” I hear from across the room. I roll over and smile blearily. My buddy is standing next to the window, the baby in one arm as she snaps open the blinds with the other.

“You look like such a natural with Jamie, Laure,” I say. “Just watching you with him makes me want to smile and cry at the same time.”

She grins at me and pulls her focus back to the sweet boy in her arms. “He’s a pretty amazing kid, and he makes it really easy to love being a mommy.”

I sigh. At that moment, my own situation comes rolling back and the tears start afresh. Goddammit. I still can’t process the place I’m in. I’m not sad because I’ve lost Danny, if I’m being honest with myself. He wasn’t that great of a catch and I wasn’t swept away by his looks or personality. It’s more that I’m sad because I’ve lost the last three years building a relationship with a man who cheated on me. That time I can never get back, and I’m mourning the loss, not to mention the fact that I’d love to have a baby of my own and seem further from that goal than ever.

“I’m better today,” I reassure my friend through the last fit of tears.

She smiles.

“Of course you are! The sun is shining!”

I smile blearily.

“Yeah, you’re right. It just sucks that I lost three years of my life! Well, that and the fact that I’ve been dumped for a college freshman. Ugh. I wonder if she’s even gotten her period yet.”

Laurelin rolls her eyes while jiggling the baby.

“She’s not that young.”

I pout.

“You’re right, but still. Maybe she still uses Tampax for Teens instead of the real thing. Work with me here!”

My friend just laughs.

“No, it’s fine, and don’t you dare feel guilty about the time and effort you put into the relationship. Danny was just blah, if I’m being honest with you. Never super bad, but not super amazing either.”

Then, my blonde friend maneuvers Jamie more securely over her shoulder and begins to burp him. As if on cue, the adorable child lets out a huge belch.

“Oooh, that was big,” I comment.

“I know, right?” Laurelin giggles. “My baby’s like an old man sometimes.”

But then, my gut clenches.

“Speaking of age: according to the man whose name we won’t mention, I need to hurry up and find someone to settle down with. He said something about my ovaries drying up, my eggs running out, and me becoming withered and aged in general. Isn’t that so rude?” I roll my eyes and try not to half-gag, half-cry as I remember the awful exchange from yesterday.

“Oh my God, he actually said that bullshit to you?” my buddy gags. “Seriously, we should do something nasty to him. The voodoo doll isn’t going to cut it.”

I shake my head with disgust.

“He did, but I guess I should count myself lucky. I mean, better I find out his real feelings now, rather than after we’re married.”

My blonde friend nods furiously.

“You are so right. God, can you imagine having to deal with him in a divorce or custody settlement? You dodged a bullet.” She shivers and lets out a noise of disgust.

I laugh and say, “You know I love you, right?”

Laurelin grins.

“Yes of course, and that means mission accomplished. I got you to smile, so my job is done for the day.” She winks at me and then adds, “I’m going to put this little stinker down for his morning tummy time. You coming with? Or do you need to get home?”

I flop back on the guest bed and blow out a breath. “I need to get home, shower, and get my life back on track. And I need to talk to my mom. My guess is that I’ve already missed a couple of calls from her.”

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