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Even for an Elemental Master, drug cartels were definitely on the ‘don’t fuck with’ list of enemies.

They entered the shack. Inside there were three backpacks sitting on a table, with a few cupboards off to one side. Diego pulled his head out of one of the cupboards and produced two handguns. He motioned toward them. “Take these, and I’ll get you some extra bullets.”

Marco took one, handed it to Cam, and then took the other. He decided that since Diego needed their help, he was going to ask him for details. “Did you do something to anger these people? Or do we just have the bad luck of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Diego strapped on his own pair of guns and said, “Some of our people tried to run the drug traffickers further north, away from some nearby villages. My guess is that’s why they’re here.”

Cam frowned. “But I thought most of the drug activity was further north, near the border with Colombia?”

Diego moved toward the packs on the table. “They’ve started coming a little more south to avoid the authorities and rival cartels. We’d hoped their presence was temporary, but apparently they’re back.”

Marco strapped on his own pack. “So where are we heading now?”

“We’re going to meet up with Eduardo. He lives hidden in the jungle—both for safety and because of his preference—but we’re just going to have to hustle. Once we reach his place, we’ll be safe.”

No doubt because this Eduardo was indeed a Talent, and he had abilities that would make even Marco’s abilities look like child’s play. Or at least so went the stories.

Cam clicked the strap around her waist and looked back to Diego. “To have our best chance of surviving, from here on out, you tell us everything.”

Diego nodded. “But if you betray me or try to back stab me, my colleagues will deal with you.”

Cam nodded. “Fine. Now that we’ve finished with the threats, let’s go.”

She went to the door and looked out to make sure the coast was clear.

He fought a smile. Even with only half-knowing the situation, Cam had jumped in to take charge. He looked over at Diego, and Marco could tell the man was less than amused, so he slapped him on the arm. “Forget whatever preconceptions you have about female soldiers. Cam would probably kick your ass in any type of drill or challenge. Believe me when I say that you want her on your side.”

Cam motioned for them to head out, and he heard Diego mumble a less than enthusiastic response before they followed her.

Gio was inside his quarters with Evans when the screen beeped with an incoming call. He reached over and touched the screen. Liang’s face appeared. “Hello, Mr. Sinclair, Dr. Evans. I’ve evaluated your report.”

Gio forced himself to act nonchalant. “Ah, I was wondering if you’d made a decision.”

Liang nodded. “Well, Dr. Evans was quite thorough, and while I appreciate the details, it took some time to wade through.”

Evans moved so that he’d be visible to Liang. “And did you have any questions, Mr. Liang?”

“No. You set out all of the possible scenarios, and provided sound solutions. I think bringing the two latent abilities you mentioned into this facility won’t cause any extra danger to my staff or the inmates here.”

Gio jumped in before Evans could say anything. “So when can we arrange to bring in the new inmates?”

“Well, security measures need to be installed, and we’ll have to do some new training; provided you and Dr. Evans help with that, I’d say a week, maybe two.”

Gio nodded. “We’ll help in any way we can. My father will be glad to hear of your decision.”

Liang replied, “Yes, I’ve already talked with your father. He mentioned for you to call him to help arrange the details. Once he gets the all clear from the AMT Oversight Committee, he’ll let me know. That will be the last major hurdle to admitting the new type of inmates.”

Gio didn’t like that Liang had talked to his father behind his back, but there was nothing he could do about it. He’d just have to play the part, and see if he could fool James Sinclair into thinking Gio was sincere. Since he’d only be communicating with his father via phone and teleconference, it might just be possible.

Liang started speaking again. “In the meantime, I want Dr. Evans to assist some of the other scientists here to see if any of them would be able to help him with the tests he laid out in his report.”

Evans glanced at Gio, and then to Liang. “If you could have someone make a list of those who might suit, I’ll start making the rounds.”

“Good, good.” Liang said. “Mr. Sinclair can fill you in on what they do here, as your clearance has been boosted, Dr. Evans. I’ll have one of the lead researchers meet with you tomorrow.”

Evans nodded. “Yes, sir.”

The screen went blank and Gio turned to face Evans. They’d checked for bugs earlier and knew the room was clean, so Gio spoke frankly. “As dedicated as you are to eradicating elemental magic, I’m not sure you’re going to like what they’re doing here, Evans.”

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