Mate Her (Warriors of Hades 2) - Page 32

Brawn nodded and rubbed her son’s back. “I can smell me on him, can sense that it is my blood that runs through his veins.”

She thought maybe there would be jealousy from Lukin and Thorque over the fact that her first child was not one of theirs, but they came over and looked genuinely happy. Her little boy was, after all, theirs as well. She pulled the baby back, looked into his tiny face, and smiled wider. His flesh was a light shade of red, a mixture of both hers and the Hades line.

“I think we should name him a proper Hades title,” Lukin said proudly. “He should be called Mhekal.”

She glanced at Lukin after he spoke. “Little warrior.” She translated into English and smiled down at her son.

Lukin ran a finger over the baby’s head.

She looked at her son once more. “Mhekal.” She tested the name out, and her grin widened. “I think it matches him perfectly.” She looked among her three men and felt the love she had for each of them fill her.

Brawn kissed her on the head, Lukin stroked the side of her face, and Thorque rubbed her leg. How strange to go from running for her life, to being with these three alien warriors, and now holding her very first child.

The world was a frightening and strange place, but things most definitely tended to work out in the end as long as there was hope. And the little person she held in her arms right now, and the men she had given her heart were proof of that.

The End.

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