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She swallowed and then nodded, needing them as much as they needed her. The time hadn’t been very substantial since she met them, but it felt like an eternity. With her life hanging in the balance twice now in the last couple of days, she felt like she needed something to make that negativity fade away.

Minka glanced over her shoulder toward Brawn’s room, which—when she had been walking around the cave and becoming familiar with everything—she realized was the largest room. When she looked at the men again, she knew they would want her to tell them she was ready. They hadn’t been shy or discreet when telling her she would be theirs or that they wanted her, but they also had not pushed her into anything sexual.

“I’m ready,” she said softly, and the noise that came from the three of them, vibrations that were masculine and powerful, strong and alpha, seeped into her body. Before they could respond, she turned and led them into the sleeping chamber.

She stepped through the entryway, the room a vast cavern with sharp, jagged rocks protruding out of the walls, and the lighting coming from heating plates that reflected off the lava. For all the technological advances in the universe, these males lived simple lives, and she welcomed that.

There was a large bed in the center of the room, and dark, almost liquid in appearance, coverings lined the top of the plush-looking frame. Across from the bed was an opening in the wall, and there she could see a fire burning brightly. The cave was as warm as it was comfortable for her, but she supposed the warriors were used to much hotter temperatures.

One of the brothers touched her, and she looked over her shoulder to see Brawn standing behind her. She shivered, wanting out of the shift she wore, and feeling their hard, warm, and red flesh pressing against her.

Thorque and Lukin moved beside her as well, and a jolt of electricity speared through her at their closeness. She had felt desire before with Jobe, but never had she felt this kind of intensity.

“Be with us,” Brawn said softly and leaned his face down so it was close to hers. “Let us show you what it means to be claimed by Hades warriors.”

His breath was warm and skated over her cheek, and she closed her eyes. “I want this. Want all of you to be with me.”

Brawn kissed her right after she got the last word out. His kiss was different from Lukin’s. It was just as determined and dominant, but where Lukin had a frantic need in the way he touched her, Brawn was more thorough. Someone touched her arm, and Brawn broke the kiss.

She turned around to see Thorque standing there, and before she could say or do anything, he was kissing her too. With Brawn and Lukin behind her, and Thorque dragging his tongue along her bottom lip, she felt suffocated, but in a good way.

Thorque pulled away, but not enough that he couldn’t kiss her softly once more. When he took a step back, he immediately grabbed her hand and led her to the bed. “It’s okay,” he said softly, then reached around to grip her nape. For a long second, all he did was stare into her eyes, and she had a feeling he was the compassionate one—well, as compassionate as a warrior from Hades could be.

A haze had since taken over her, and Brawn was the one to turn her toward him. He had his big hands on her arms and while staring right at her face started to pull the shift off of her. Her breathing increased. Her body was covered in a light sheen of sweat from her arousal, and all she could think about was that she was going to take these three men into her body.

This was for a lifetime, and not for this one moment. She wasn’t just a toy to them, and that was so monumental to her that she couldn’t find enough oxygen to breathe in.

When she saw Lukin move toward a crevice in the wall, she wondered what he was doing, but Brawn was pushing her body back on the bed with his, and everything else in her mind evaporated. His chest took up her entire view, but she was so lost in his black gaze that she forgot about everything else.

Minka breathed in deeply, and her chest rose and fell, pressed against Brawn’s massive one, and his essence claimed her. She was really going to do it, and as strange and frightening as this whole situation was, she felt this energy inside her. It was like it was urging her to finish this mating, to become connected to these alien males in every way possible.

Brawn leaned down and kissed her softly on the mouth. Then he moved his lips to her cheek, her chin, and lower still until he reached her throat. There, he sucked, licked, and teased her flesh with his teeth and fangs until she was gripping his shoulders and pulling him closer to her.

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