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“Do they fight like this often?” She looked at Thorque, who was cleaning up the supplies.

“When the tension is high or Lukin acts before thinking.” Thorque stared at her and smiled.

“Why aren’t you out there releasing that energy too?” She stared at him, not wanting him to fight, but surely he had the need as well?

“I may be a Hades warrior, but I tend to use my mind more than my muscles when the time calls for it.” When he was finished putting the supplies away, he sat beside her. As he took her hand in his, she stared down at the different tones of their skin. She was a pale, peachy shade compared to his dark-red.

She lifted her gaze to his face, to the sharp angles of his square jaw and strong nose, and looked at his black yet soulful eyes. This male used his brain to figure things out, to solve his problems. It may not be what was in his chemical make-up, being a superior species, but for him, it was what he knew. It was so strange being able to look into their faces and know what these men were about.

Could the mating and breeding heat be reflecting from them and onto her?

“Our desire for you and the things we want can be transferred to our mate. It’s a chemical reaction that ensures we procreate and will always be connected to you, Minka,” he said softly, deeply, and then stared at her mouth.

“I said that out loud.” She didn’t phrase it like a question.

He shrugged, his massively broad shoulders moving only slightly. “I’ve noticed you tend to do that, or at least you have been while with us.” He smiled, and she stared at the twin points of his fangs. “But don’t get too comfortable with the fact that I think rather than act on first impulse, because I am still a male who was born and trained to kill.” He reached out and brushed a finger along her cheek.

A shiver moved through her as she stared into his eyes. The sound of more things breaking in the next room was even louder. “We should make sure they really don’t kill themselves. Besides, it wasn’t Lukin’s fault. I insisted on going with him.”

Thorque stood, reached out, cupped her nape, and pulled her close. The air left her on a whoosh.

“Right now, everything inside us is heightened because of the breeding need that has awoken, but now that we have you, it is even more intense,” he said and leaned down an inch. “Every day you are here with us is a temptation that drives our inner beasts wild. It is an instinct to take you, mate with you, and make you ours.” The sound of his voice became more guttural, harsh even, and she watched as his pupils dilated.

Gone was the male who healed her, thought about her instead of fighting. And in his place was a male intent on having her. She could see that on his face, hear it in the change of his breathing, and feel it in the way he held her neck in an ironclad hold.

“Thorque.” She said his name on a breath, and before she knew what was happening, he was kissing her. The taste of him was intoxicating, and right now, her body and emotions were heightened. With the threat to her life again, and these men saving her, fighting for her, and wanting her so intently that they couldn’t control themselves was an aphrodisiac as much as it was frightening.

She didn’t know what the future held for her, but she did know these males had shown her the lengths they would go to save and protect her.

The kiss lasted only a few seconds, but she had gotten so wrapped up in it that it felt like forever. Thorque pulled away, and the flavor of him stayed on her lips, increasing her need. She shouldn’t want this, shouldn’t want to have any sexual contact after everything that happened. But she couldn’t help it. Maybe it was because of everything that made her need this from them.

Deep grunts had her breathing out and turning to head toward the sitting room. She moved out of the sleeping chamber and felt Thorque right behind her. Lukin and Brawn were throwing punches, and there was an array of broken items scattered around. They were breathing heavily, had blood marring their faces, but as if they sensed her, they stopped and turned to face her.

Right at that moment, they seemed so amped up and dangerous. Her pussy became wet, her nipples tightened to hard points beneath her shift, and she started to sweat. Thorque placed a hand on her shoulder, and she held back the need to moan. This was insane, her feelings were ludicrous, but she didn’t know how to stop it.

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