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The hides were from the Gatugas, a large, carnivorous animal that was on the planet of Yettiga. Their hides were so thick and plush, made of soft fur that blocked out the heat and hardness of the stone. She sat on the largest chair, and he went into the cooking area and poured her a glass of water.

Hades’ males didn’t need water, not much anyway, and since their planet only produced a small quantity, they had stocked up for bathing. But now it seemed like they would be supplying that water for their little human mate, because he knew her kind needed an abundance of it to survive.

He moved back to where she was and set the horn cup on the bones-and-teeth table in front of her. “It’s just water, but you need to drink all of it and more, because the heat of my planet is making you perspire too much. You’ll get dehydrated.” He looked down at her, stared into the light-green of her eyes, and felt that steady thump of desire fill him. “You’ll be safe and not dehydrate while in the cave, but every time you venture out of the protection the mountains provide, the natural water in your body will dwindle.”

He had only had her in his life for going on two sunrises, but already he felt like the animal inside him was going to break loose. He moved away from her when she picked up the glass and drank the water. He sensed her thirst, and her hunger, and knew his brothers would be back soon with something for her to eat that was substantial.

As it was, they only had dehydrated things, since they had been gone, and what she needed was something fresh.

Brawn moved back to the cooking area as she finished off the water and took in the surroundings. He watched her and checked her out himself. She stood and walked over to the rock wall that Thorque had carved the history of their family into. She ran her fingers over the rough texture, and Brawn looked his fill of her body.

Her ass was not as big and round as he preferred, but with the supplements Thorque had given her, it was getting there. He would have to be gentle with her when he finally slid his dick into her sweet body—they all would have to make sure they were easy. She was smaller than his kind naturally, and until she put on more weight, which shouldn’t be more than a day, he needed to keep his distance and let her heal properly.

She may be curvier now than she had been when he first got her, but he wanted her thicker and able to take them easily.

She turned to face him, and he looked at the swells of her breasts under the thin shift she wore.

Take your female. Mate with her. Breed Minka.

The taste of his blood filling his mouth because his fangs had sliced through his lip had the urge intensifying. How in the fuck was he not going to press her against the wall and slide his cock deep inside her?

How in the hell was he supposed to give her time to get accustomed to everything, when all he could think about was marking her body with his teeth and watching as his brothers did the same? He wanted his claiming mark on her, and right now, keeping his distance was the hardest fucking thing he’d ever had to do.


Breed with her.

Fuck her until she knows she is yours.

The mantra moved through Brawn like a steady drum. He wanted to do all those things, but he found the strength to turn away, grab the horn pitcher of water, and bring it over to her. He filled her cup and gestured for her to drink more.

All he could think about was laying her across his sleeping platform and taking her in any way he wanted while his brothers watched. He glanced at her, stared right into her face, and couldn’t help but picture her naked. He wanted to see her breasts, wanted to see her cunt bared for him, and all the while, his brothers would be waiting for their turn to have her.

But she’d want it, need them to fill her up with their cum so the breeding ritual could be complete. Until they got her pregnant with their children, the need to have her would drive them hard and have all other things taking less of a priority.

“Would you like to bathe again?” he asked, trying to keep his thoughts away from sliding his cock deep into her pussy.

“No, but thank you.” She was nervous, that much was clear, and as much as he would have liked for her to be at ease, she’d have to find that on her own.

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