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Crap. I had been hoping that Aiden wouldn’t hear about the gala. I was supposed to be introduced to a man that night that my friend Jenny had set me up with. It was the first time in months that I was dating. For some reason, one way or another, Aiden always managed to put them off. He’d tell embarrassing stories, or pick fights-do just about anything to make sure that I was miserable and alone. It was yet another reason that I should have hated him, though it never quite worked.

“It’s yet another one of Clarissa’s ideas to help out the charities from the Society. There’s going to be a silent auction, and all the proceeds will go to that lady’s charity of choice. I have to say, I thought it would be quite staid, but word has gotten out, and I do believe there are even some Hollywood stars who are joining in. I’ve never had so many young people participate or RSVP to a Society event!”

“Well, I’ll definitely be there tomorrow then Mrs. Huntington,” he said smoothly, looking at me over the top of her head. “It sounds like a worthy cause.”

“It is, it is. The Society always tries to return its good fortune back to the city. But I must keep moving. There are still so many people to thank for coming.”

With another round of air kisses done, Mrs. Huntington floated away.

“So, what are you auctioning Rissa?” Aiden asked, using the pet name that he’d given me when I was a kid.

“Nothing,” I said shortly.

There was another reason that I hadn’t wanted him to come to the gala. That was because I planned to unveil my own party company. I hoped that all the publicity that the gala was getting would mean that the company name would become known that much quicker if I made it an item for auction.

I hadn’t been expected to do much ever since my mom remarried. My stepfather was a pretty traditional guy, and he thought that bringing the money home should be left to the men of the family. He approved of me joining the Society, but the fact was, everything I had and was came straight from him. I was grateful of course, but I didn’t like it one bit. I wanted to be able to stand on my own two feet, to be able to point to something that couldn’t be taken away from me.

“Oh come on. Maybe I’ll even bid on you.”

His eyes were dark and intense as they looked at me, and I couldn’t help but think that there was an undercurrent to what he was saying. I blinked, trying to figure out the meaning in his gaze. But then the moment passed, and Nikki piped up.

“Yeah, don’t worry, we can bid on you.”

I looked over at Nikki. She wouldn’t last the end of the night. Poor girl. They never did. Each one of them always thought they’d be able to hold onto Aiden. None of them ever did. It was another reason that I could never get involved with him.

“I don’t need your pity bid Aiden,” I said as I turned away. “I hope you two have a good night.”

I quickly walked away from the pair of them and back into the crowd. I spend most of that night nodding and smiling, pretending that I cared about how every one of them just loved what I had done with the party. But I wasn’t really listening at all. I was just thinking about Aiden.

Finally, it was late enough that I could leave without anyone noticing. I hailed a cab and returned home to the Durant penthouse. It occupied three floors in one of the best blocks in New York. We even had our own private elevator.

As soon as I got past the door, I slipped out of my four-inch heels, letting my tired feet sink into the plush carpet. Usually I’d get a bowl of ice cream and start going over how everything went with Jenny, but I didn’t have it in me tonight. I was drained from all the stress finally lifting off my shoulders.

I walked up the stairs and down the hall to my bedroom. Along the way I paused at Aiden’s door, stopping for a quick glance inside. It hadn’t changed much in all those years. Books lined the across from his bed, which I remembered from when we used to hang out together. There was the big, red couch that he refused to let mom get rid of, and even an old travel chest that held his childhood toys. It was strange, that despite the fact that he’d changed so much, his room was still the same. It gave me a little hope that maybe somewhere beneath his brazen playboy exterior, the Aiden I knew was still inside.

Since there was a small chance that Aiden could bring Nikki back with him soon, I kept walking back to my own room. I reached my hands over and pulled down the zipper behind me back, letting the red dress fall. Whatever hopes I had hung on that dress slipped off with it. I wasn’t wearing a bra tonight, and I could see my nipples hardening into stiff peaks atop my rounded globes.

I laid down, spread eagled on my bed for a few minutes before I did what I did most nights when I thought about Aiden. I leaned over the side, and carefully withdrew an old hoodie that I had stashed beneath it. It had belonged to Aiden. He had given it to me to borrow on one of the last times I saw him. I meant to give it back, but it smelled so much like him, and I found out soon after that he was gone. It was all I had. The smell was probably gone by now, but I still liked to think that it was there. I inhaled, letting the scent linger in my lungs.

Slowly my hand trailed up my thigh in the dark night. I envisioned myself unzipping his hoodie, revealing the hard planes of his stomach. I wanted to run my hands all over his chest, to touch every last bit of him. With my other hand I began to circle my breasts, already tight and ready. My feather light touch was his tongue, his mouth, his teeth as teased me. I wanted to feel the weight of his body heavy on top of my own, pinning me down with the promise of desires fulfilled.

I arched my back as my hand pushed my panties aside, whispering his name. How many times had I done this? I lost count. He’d brought so many women home over the years, and through our shared bedroom wall, I could hear them all as he satisfied them, their screams covering my own moans as I slipped my fingers into my folds. They were already slick with anticipation, and my practised hand pumped in and out, a poor replacement for my own stepbrother’s cock.

Heat raced along my skin as I pleasured myself, my fantasies unravelling now with the lust of the moment. I had to shut my eyes tightly as I twisted and pinched one nipple and then the other, sending jolts of pleasure from my sensitive breasts to my core.

Aiden would circle slowly, planting kisses up my thigh instead of dashing for my womanhood, enjoying the taste of my body. I could already see his head between my legs, winding me tighter and tighter, circling around my pulsing entrance, until even his breath would make me buck my hips up once, twice, three times with an overwhelming need.

“Aiden!” I cried out, as I made myself climax.

I curled up tight against the flood of pleasure that washed over me. My breath hitched, and I rolled onto my side, my face up against his hoodie. My whole body prickled with warmth. Why, why, why was he still the only one that coul

d make me feel so good?

Why did it have to be him?

Chapter Two

The night of the charity gala was warm and clear. I could see the stars glittering over us, and the full moon shone a silvery glow on the gardens. I’d made sure that fairy lights were strung up across the whole back half of the patio and gardens and genuine crystals refracted the light so it felt almost as though it had been day. It had been a good idea hosting it in a park garden. It felt more exclusive and luxurious. I’d outdone myself, even I could admit it. The grounds were stately, and everyone was in a state of good cheer (fuelled by copious amounts of wine of course).

I’d pulled out all the stops tonight. I was even a little excited by the idea of meeting someone. I was ready to be loved again. My sapphire coloured gown skimmed my body but did not hide, and the ruche in the back emphasized my hips. I’d pulled my hair into a low chignon, and I’d worn my best and favourite pearl earrings. I thought I’d tidied up pretty well.

The auction was to be held later in the evening, but people had already started before that. It was a good time to see and be seen after all. I walked through the gala hall and into the garden, breathing in the warm floral scent in the air. Tonight was special, and for once I left most of the details to my assistant.

“Clarissa!” Jenny called out.

I looked over and saw her with her boyfriend and another guy sitting at the one of the garden tables. That must be Samuel, I thought. He was apparently one of her boyfriend’s pals. He intrigued me because he hadn’t come from old money, and I hoped that would mean that we’d have common ideas and goals about things. He had started up a tech company focusing on app development, and Facebook supposedly was going to buy one of them very soon.

“Hey! Everything looks so good tonight,” Jenny said as I came closer. We hugged, and she whispered, “I’m glad you finally got here. I’ve been talking you up!”

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