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She’d been a girl who’d had to grow up fast. Then she’d been a mom. He wanted to make sure that tonight she felt like a woman. His woman.

He eased into her small bedroom. It was pretty and feminine and made him think about what Sera could do with a space if she had serious cash to decorate. She had a great eye for design, for making a room both comfortable and stylish.

But she needed a bigger bed, though the good news was they would have to cuddle.

The even better news was he got to kiss her and be with her.

He tugged her shirt off before lowering his mouth to hers. Over the baby monitor, he heard a little huff and sigh.

Sera smiled. “It’s okay. He’s just turning over. He’ll let us know if he needs us. Right now, I’m the one who needs you.”

He wasn’t about to ignore the invitation in her words. He let his hands find her hair and sank them in, reveling in how soft she was, how perfectly she fit against him. “I thought about you all day. I didn’t like you going to New Orleans without me.”

She tipped her head back, her palms running under his T-shirt. “I didn’t, either, but I absolutely love that you took care of passing that first inspection for me. You’re right. I would have obsessed over it, but next time I want to be there. I want to learn how to handle these things.”

“I can teach you.” He kissed her over and over again. He would love teaching her, standing beside her as she grew confident. With a twist of his hand, he eased her bra off and tossed it to the side.

“I can teach you, too,” she said with a sexy smile. “I can teach you how to make me breakfast and how to babysit so I can have a girls’ night.”

He loved it when she was playful. The intimacy they’d found wrapped a warm blanket around him. He hadn’t realized how cold he’d been before he met her. “If you’re not careful, I’ll think you’re with me for my babysitting skills and not my fabulous body.”

Her hands came up to pull his shirt over his head and it joined her clothes on the floor. Her hands brushed over his chest and he sighed at the feel. She looked at him like she could eat him up. “Well, it is a fabulous body. You’re as pretty on the outside as you are on the inside, Harrison Jefferys.”

He wasn’t half as pretty as she was, but he wasn’t about to argue with her. He would rather show her how much joy she brought him.

He leaned over and kissed her, letting his tongue play lazily with hers.

He undressed her and then let her ease him out of the rest of his clothes. They weren’t hurried, rather enjoying the slow intimacy that kept growing between them. He sat on the edge of the bed and let her help him take off his prosthesis because she told him she wanted to learn how to do that, too. She treated his leg like it was a precious thing. Where she’d tossed his clothes, she was careful with the prosthesis, placing it where he could easily reach it.

He sat on the edge of her bed and put his hands on her hips, cupping them and exploring her curves. “You make me feel wanted, Sera. You don’t ever look away from my scars.”

She smoothed back his hair. “Because they’re beautiful. Because they’re this amazing part of you.”

He let his hand find the beginning of the thin scar that curved slightly right above that spot he’d lavished affection on nights before. The scar that given her Luc. “This is beautiful. Just like the rest of you.”

He drew her in and nuzzled her neck, breathing in the scent of her. It had been days since they’d been skin to skin and he realized how much he’d missed this. They’d had a few hurried encounters during the week, but nothing like this.

Her hands stroked up and down his back, and she cuddled close to him. Her breasts nestled against his chest. “Sometimes I forget I’m more than a mom. The days get so crazy and they seem to go by in a flash, but when you look at me, I feel like I can slow down.”

Oh, he could make her feel like a woman. He kissed along her collarbone. “See, I felt like time dragged all week because I couldn’t have this with you.”

A little chuckle went through her. “Oh, I remember having this with you on my aunt’s old sofa.”

“Not the same,” he whispered as he ran his hands down to her backside. “That was a quickie and that’s not the way I like to make love to you. I want to take my time, make it last. I want to feel your body against mine, feel the way you sigh when I touch you. I want hours to spend on you.”

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