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“So, where are we going?” I say after taking several calming deep breaths, instead of professing my undying love for the man like a crazy person like I want to. It’s on the tip of my tongue to fill the silence between us, but he speaks first.

“For a ride. I am new around here and I don’t where I’m going. You’ll have to guide me,” he says but the way he says guide tells me he’s going to be the one doing the guiding and I’m going to let him.

He climbs onto the bike and holds out his hand to me. I take it and climb behind him. The front of my body is pressed against his back as I hold onto him tightly. My braless nipples are straining against him and my pussy grinds against him as I situate myself behind him. Every time I move the sensation in me builds higher, but eventually, I am seated. If I were to move anymore, he’d know exactly what I’m doing.

Then he starts the bike. I can’t help the moan that escapes my lips as the bike’s vibration hits my clit through my thin leggings. Then his hand touches my thigh, squeezing it and I know that he heard me. I should be ashamed or at least embarrassed, but I’m not. In fact, against everything I’ve ever been taught, I want to do it again.


She feels good on my bike. She belongs here with me. To me. I can feel the heat of her pussy through my t-shirt and I want to feel it on my hands, my mouth, my cock. I want to feel her everywhere. I pull out in front of the garage and onto the street, before peeling away from the house. I heard her little moan and now I need to make her do it again and again. We ride through the tiny downtown area. I slow down when she taps me on the shoulder and points to a park on the right. I turn into the parking lot and park. I hop off the bike, turning to help her off.

“You wanted to come to the park?” I ask, taking her hand and walking toward the walkway that disappears into the trees. There isn’t another car in the lot but that doesn’t mean that we are alone.

“I used to love coming to the park, before my sisters were born,” she says. I feel like there is a story there, but she doesn’t say anything else about it.

We walk further down the path until she comes to a stop and drops down from the trail, walking through the low brush and further into the woods. I have no choice but to follow her. She stops at a long-forgotten bench and sits down. I stare at her for a second until she pats the empty space next to her. I sit down and stare ahead. The lush greenery surrounds us, virtually cutting us off from the rest of the park and more importantly from the greedy view of others. I turn to look at her only to find her already staring at me. She’s so goddamn beautiful, so breathtakingly beautiful. I’m not worthy enough to worship her, but I’ll never step aside.

All around us, I can hear birds calling to each other and the cicadas that are sure to be everywhere.

“It’s pretty secluded here,” I say dumbly.

“Isn’t it great? Have you ever heard of being lonely without ever being alone?” she asks, her eyes never leaving mine,

“Yes. I live it every day. My family is very close. We are in each other’s business, but at the end of the day, I am alone.”

“It’s the same for me as well, except we aren’t close. Not really. My dad makes sure of that. He pits us against each other and we allow it.”

“That’s terrible,” I tell her but I’m not surprised.

“It is what it is,” she says shrugging. “Anyway, what do you do? I know you just moved her and you probably don’t have a job yet…”

“I’m a bike mechanic,” I tell her. “My pops owns a huge business that spans several states at this point.”

“That’s cool. My dad is a pastor, mom is a homemaker.”

“My mom is too,” I say without saying what I really want to say. “Are you still in school?” I ask, suddenly realizing she might be younger than I think she is. I find myself praying she’s legal, but in all honesty, I don’t think I’d be able to stop myself if she wasn't.”

“Oh, no. I graduated high school for years ago.”


“No. I barely made it through high school and besides I don’t think my parents would have let me go.”

“A job then?”

“No. I wasn’t allowed to get a job, though I think my mistake was asking for permission. My sister, Aasta just got one and goes every day. There wasn’t anything they could say about it.”

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