Contract Killer - Page 47

“Oh my God, Adaym?”

How did he get through security? Did she even want to know? He looked feral, like he’d been on the streets, or maybe running wild through the woods like some kind of beast.

But for some reason she didn’t feel any fear when she was in front of him. In fact she almost felt like he wanted to protect her, make sure she was safe. It wasn’t a sexual feeling, but someone that was more akin to family wanting to protect a loved one.

This was either very good, or very bad. She sensed Gage move up even closer behind her, and felt him wrap his hand around her waist and pull her to him. Neeka sensed he was on alert, protective of her.

“This is Adaym?” Gage asked.

She could only nod.

“Don’t know how in the fuck you got through the security around this place, but I’ll take it you aren’t here to fuck with us.”

Adaym didn’t verbally answer, just shook his head.

Yeah, Adaym could have come through the house without knocking, so maybe that was also why Gage wasn’t pulling out his gun and putting a bullet through Adaym’s head without asking questions.

“Well, looks like we have a lot to go over,” Gage said and moved her to the side. “Come in.”

Her life had seemed to be settling down after the drama, but it was clear this was just the beginning of her falling down the rabbit hole.

The End.

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