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“One of these days, I’m going to fuck this sweet ass of yours, baby.” She felt the tip of his cock nudge at the entrance of her pussy as he spoke the low, deep words.

She swallowed roughly, her throat so dry it felt like she had been eating cotton. Gage kept his fingers on her anus as he pushed more of his erection into her, his girth and length stretching her to the point where pleasure mixed with pain.

It felt so good. More and more he pushed into her, his fingers teasing her asshole and driving her higher and higher. There was one hand on her waist, holding her tightly, his blunt nails digging into her flesh. Sweat started to trickle between her breasts.

When he was seated to the hilt within her, they both groaned in unison, his fingers on her asshole pressing slightly in before withdrawing almost all the way out. He did this over and over again, her pussy walls contracting along his shaft, his cock head pressing against her cervix.

He started to move in and out of her, her juices making his way slick so that the sound of wet skin slapping together was loud in the room.

His rhythm increased, his balls slapping against her clit and sending shocks of pleasure through her. She rested her forehead on the counter, fog coating the tile from her exhalations. Every time he slammed his hips into her, he would slip his finger into her ass a little more.

It was erotic and torturous at the same time. The dual pleasure was almost too much to handle.

She needed him to touch her even more, to consume every part of her body, and it seemed he’d read her mind. Gage moved his hand back to her breast, cupping it in his palm as he pulled her slightly toward him. Her back was arched, her breasts bouncing from his pumping hips.

“I’m so close, Neeka. Oh fuck, I’m so close.” His fingers weren’t at her ass any longer, and she felt slightly empty.

His guttural words were all it took to send her over the edge.

“Oh, God,” she whispered. “I’m coming, Gage.” Her pussy contracted around his shaft and drew deep groans from him. She gasped and cried out as she rode out the pleasure, pumping her hips up and down and trying to get as much of his cock into her as possible.

He turned her around, his hands on her ass as he lifted her onto the counter at the same time. Her legs were spread wide, his palms holding them open as he thrust into her still clenching cunt. He pulled out of her quickly, grabbed his glistening cock in his fist, and started pumping it as his other hand played with her clit.

The pleasure started to build inside of her again as she watched him masturbate. His body was tense, the muscle and sinew that lay just beneath the skin standing out fiercely. And then he groaned loudly, never taking his eyes from her as he started to ejaculate.

The sight of his cum erupting from him had her body shaking, her climax small but substantial.

Jet after jet of milky white jizz shot out of him, landing on her exposed pussy. It was hot and slick, an aphrodisiac all its own. When he was done, he let his softening cock go, leaned in, and kissed her deeply. Their sweat-slicked chests rubbed erotically together, her nipples beading up more from the friction.

As they were cleaning up, the doorbell chimed. Everything stilled inside of her at the sound, at the thought of who was outside. No one should be at the door without security calling her first, alerting her to only approved people being allowed entry past the gates.

She looked at Gage, saw him tense, at the ready. After righting her clothing, she and Gage both walked toward the front doors. Gage was beside her, his hand on the doorknob, his entire body tight. He was so protective of her, but she was thankful because she needed that kind of security in her life.

She could see a large shape on the other side of the frosted, etched glass of the door. It had been almost two months since her father had passed, and although people still came to pay their respects, the guards at the gate should have notified her before letting them enter.

She hadn’t heard anything from them, and although she worried maybe it was Rye or one of his men coming to get her again, common sense told her they probably wouldn’t have come to the front door. But when she opened the door she felt her entire body freeze, her muscles tighten, and her heart stop at who stood on the other side.

Dressed in ratty clothes, his hair unkempt, dirt covering his body, and what looked like blood on his clothing, was someone she never thought she’d see again.

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