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She started to get into the front seat with Larry.

“We don’t want him to think he’s just a chauffeur,” she whispered, “even though that’s all he really is.”

“Where is this secret party?” I asked.

“Hollywood Hills,” she said. “Here. This will give you the energy you need for the night.”

She handed me a pill.

“Is this—”

“Just take it. You don’t have to worry about complicating a pregnancy now, and I guarantee you’ll have a better time. Go on, take it, Delia,” she insisted. “You need something to get you out of your funk. Go on!”

I pretended to put it in my mouth, and then I crushed it between my fingers and let it dribble to the car floor. Minutes later, with the radio blasting, we were winding down city streets and weaving our way to the secret party.

And the ending of an evening that would be the true beginning of a new life.

Only it wouldn’t be the new life Fani Cordova had envisioned for me.



We could actually hear the music, laughter, and loud conversation from the bottom of the hill, where we had to park because there were so many cars on both sides of the road. I couldn’t imagine why the people in the homes we walked past hadn’t already called the police. Fani la

ughed when I wondered aloud.

“Who says they haven’t?” she told me. “The police are probably chasing parties like this all over the city tonight.”

Larry thought that was funny, too. I saw him pull her aside and whisper something. A moment later, she handed him what looked like the pill she had offered me.

“How are you feeling, Delia?” she asked.

“I’m okay.”

“Just okay?”

“I’m not tired, if that’s what you mean,” I said, afraid she would realize I hadn’t taken the pill. “I might even dance with Larry,” I added, so she wouldn’t be suspicious, and she laughed.

“Thatta girl,” she said, putting her arm around me. “We’re going to light up this city together.”

We marched on to the party house.

As we walked up the driveway, I saw people dancing on a side patio. The music was spilling out of every open window, and when I looked up, I saw there were people dancing on a second-story balcony as well. Inside, the furniture had been shoved against the wall. In the center of the living-room floor was a large keg of beer. Apparently, some of the partygoers had jumped into the pool at the rear of the house. They were wearing towels around their waists, and some girls were in their bras with towels serving as skirts.

Everyone was dancing and shouting, waving his or her arms in the air. To me, it looked like bedlam, but Larry was very excited.

“Let’s get into this!” he screamed.

“Go ahead. We’ll be right behind you,” Fani told him.

He shrugged and joined two girls dancing nearby. I thought they looked as if they would dance with any warm body, but he obviously was flattered when they accepted him. He looked our way, smiling and dancing close to the girls to make Fani jealous.

“He’s such a goofball,” she said. “See what I meant about these college guys? It’s like shooting fish in a barrel!” she shouted in my right ear. The music was so loud that no one could hear anyone without shouting.

Why, I wondered, did she think this was any fun? To me, it seemed as if everyone was trying too hard to prove he or she was having a good time. If this was the world she wanted me to embrace now, I couldn’t see her ever being happy with me. I would never be able to room with her for a long period of time, I realized.

“You want some beer?” she shouted.

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