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“Don’t worry. I’m a better driver with one eye than most drivers are with two.”

He waved, started his car, and drove down the drive. I watched until he disappeared below the knoll.

Fani was sipping wine at the table when I returned.

“Well? Was it a good visit?”

“Yes, Fani. Thank you so much for arranging it.”

“You want to hang out longer or…”

“No, I get tired.”

She nodded at my stomach. “So, it’s a boy in there?”

“That’s what the doctor said.”

“Considering all that Ray’s done for you and is doing, you should definitely name him Adan Jr.”

“That’s pretty definite.”

“Good. He deserves some happiness.” She stood up.

“I do my best,” I said, rising.

“Well, let me take you back,” she said, and we went out to her car.

She was quieter on the way back. I wondered if she was thinking about Adan, as I was.

“I think I’ll head back to college tonight, too,” she told me as we approached the Bovio gate.

“Haven’t you met anyone you like at college?” I asked. She didn’t talk much about the boys there, and she obviously didn’t have a date this weekend.

“Not yet. There’s this young English associate professor I’m eyeing.”

“Isn’t that forbidden?”

She smiled. “Only for him.”

The guard opened the gate for us. He glared at Fani, remembering the way she had jetted out earlier. She smiled at him, and we started up the driveway. Halfway up, I saw mi tía Isabela’s car. Señor Bovio’s car was there as well.

“Mi tía is here.”

“Lucky you,” Fani said. “Say hello to Nurse Diablo for me,” she added when we stopped. “Here,” she said, offering me a stick of gum. “Just in case she smells your breath and picks up on the inch of wine you drank.”

I took it and folded it into my mouth, still staring at mi tía Isabela’s car.

“Mi tía Isabela hasn’t been here since the day I arrived,” I muttered.

“Maybe she’s come to her senses and has decided to be your aunt again. My cousin Ray isn’t someone a woman her age should ignore, no matter how much money she has. He can pull lots of strings.”

“He hasn’t yet pulled the one that would release Ignacio.”

“I’m sure he will when he can. Take it easy, Mama Delia. I’ll call you next time I’m home,” she promised.

“Sí. Gracias, Fani.”

She leaned over to kiss me on the cheek. I opened the door and got out. The moment I closed it, she shot off. I smiled to myself, imagining her whipping past the guard at the gate again. Then I went into the hacienda.

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