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“Eat,” he demanded, thrusting the bag at me.

What had I done? And whatever it was, food seemed like an odd punishment.

“I’m not punishing you, Pet.”

Of course, he knew what I was thinking.

“I’m going to fuck you, and you haven’t eaten since this morning. But Christ, do you have any idea the sexy sounds you make when you’re sleeping?”

The tremors transformed into tendrils of heat. I’d seen him aroused through plenty of my punishments. So it had been no surprise to see it there now. Food didn’t hold much appeal in comparison to what he had planned, but I opened the bag and peered inside, pulling out a package of fries obediently.

I still didn’t like this part. It felt strange to eat in front of him. I wanted to feel his fingers brushing my lips when he placed the food in my mouth. This is what he wanted though, so I did it, spurred on by what I knew was coming next. I must have been making progress because I could feel his eyes on me, and yet I kept eating.

Halfway through the fries, he yanked them away, stuffed them in the bag. “Face the car and put your hands on the trunk.”

I obeyed while my sex throbbed in anticipation of what was to come. I inhaled and exhaled slowly, waiting.


Why wasn’t he shoving my pants down and fucking me?


I was strung taut, vibrating with sexual energy. Waiting. He was near. I could feel the heat of his body.

His fingers brushed over my nipple and my whole body jerked at the unexpected contact. A startled moan escaped my lips, but then his fingers disappeared again.

“What’s the matter, Pet?” he crooned against my ear.

“I want…” I had to clear my throat because it was suddenly so dry. “I want you to do what you said.”


Why? That wasn’t along the lines of his usual questions. “Because I want to feel you inside me.”

Both his hands were on me then, cupping my breasts through my shirt and rolling my nipples between his fingers. My head rolled back and I tried to angle toward his lips.

He turned away. “Eyes forward,” he whispered. “Now, tell me why?”

Again with ‘why’! He was punishing me for something because this felt like torture.

When I didn’t respond, he clamped down on my nipples. Pain shot through me, but it wasn’t pain, at least not by the time the sensation reached the apex of my thighs and made the sensitive bundle of nerves there throb harder.

“Why?” he demanded. “Is it because I’m master here, and you can’t refuse me?”

“No,” I replied honestly, and then I ventured further, hoping I wasn’t treading on quicksand. “You…you wouldn’t make me. I know that. I want this.”

One of his hands slid down inside my pants and pressed against my clit. The arousal made me bolder, freer with my thoughts. “I want you. When you’re inside me, I feel…complete. Whole.”

He whipped my pants down so fast, they must have left rug burn—not that I would have noticed. Because a split second later, he was ramming inside me, filling every empty inch of me. His thrusts were hard, frenzied, and he held onto my hips for leverage. I held onto the trunk as best I could, but I didn’t need to—he wouldn’t let me fall.

I was climbing fast. He slammed into me again and again. I could feel every thrust against my cervix. It should have hurt. Maybe it did, but it only drove me higher.

“Tell me why,” he ground out against my ear before nipping it firmly between his teeth.

Moments away from yet another earth-shattering orgasm, it took a minute to figure out what he meant.

One hand left my hip and I felt the sting of his slap against my backside. My hips jerked as the sensation fed my arousal.

“Why?” he reiterated and then sunk his teeth into my shoulder, not deep enough to draw blood but enough to bring me dangerously close to toppling headlong over the edge.

“I want this. I want you inside me. I want you touching me, fucking me…hurting me.” Confessions were easy when every brain cell was preoccupied with mind-numbing pleasure.

He groaned and his hand returned to my hip, gripping me hard enough to add fuel to the fire. God, it was just too much. My body exploded, and I cried out as I quivered and quaked through every shockwave of pleasure that coursed through me. A moment later, he groaned through his own intense release.

He remained there, wrapping an arm possessively around my waist and leaving a luxurious trail of kisses across the backs of my shoulders. I had no interest in moving—maybe ever.

It seemed a reluctant move when he withdrew, and then he straightened our clothing and pulled me back against his chest. He dug into the paper bag, helped himself to one of the burgers and nodded for me to take the other.

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