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She complied, her hands finding purchase on his muscled shoulders and holding tight. Before she could take another breath he penetrated her, sliding in deep and sure.

Pain jerked through her, sharp and primal, ripping a scream from her.

Above her, Alejandro hissed and held himself still. ‘Dios, are you all right?’

She blinked through prickling tears and struggled to speak. ‘Y...yes.’

He kissed her again, a gentle anointing and a promise of things to come. The pain receded, leaving behind the reality of the power and fullness of him inside her. He moved. Her nails dug deeper into his skin as a different sensation thrummed inside. His hips rolled again. Intoxicating pleasure lanced through her, dragging her eyelids down.

‘No. Look at me,’ he instructed. ‘Feel me. Feel what you do to me.’

Her gaze reconnected with his. Exhaling, he increased the tempo, and she cried out. ‘Oh...yes!’

The word seemed to breach a dam inside him. With a guttural groan, he sealed his mouth to hers, his tongue commencing a brazen mimicry of what his body was doing to hers. Elise could only attempt to keep up as he set her on a trajectory of pleasure so overwhelming her cries grew into a scream, right before sheer bliss catapulted her into a different dimension.

Alejandro watched her, unable to take his eyes off her radiant beauty as her pleasure overtook her. She was already proving to be a responsive lover; her eyes didn’t once stray from his, a deed he found almost too much to bear when his pleasure surged high. Higher than he’d ever felt before. For one wild second he wondered if it was because she’d confessed her innocence at a crucial stage. He didn’t deny the declaration had filled him with a primal emotion that had left him raw and exposed. That beast still prowled through him, urging him to possess, to stake his claim here and now.

But no. This feeling of heightened awareness and existing on a visceral realm had existed between them long before they’d stepped into his bedroom.

The sex had just brought it to the fore.

But now it was here? Now he’d had a taste of it? Dios, he wanted to die in it. Alejandro spiked his fingers into her hair, angled her head to receive his deeper kiss, the feeling of falling, losing himself in her tight heat a drug he never wanted to be freed from.

Her legs clamped tighter around his waist, urging him on, welcoming him home. A harsh groan ripped from his throat. And he allowed himself to fall.


ELISE WOKE UP some hours later to the feel of a warm towel drifting over her skin. Blinking awake, she blushed at the sight of Alejandro perched naked on the side of the bed, tending to her.

‘You don’t need to do that,’ she blurted.

A slow, sexy smile lit his face, drawing her absorbed attention to the delicious stubble gracing his jaw. ‘No, I don’t. But doing it pleases me.’

He grasped her knee and spread her wider. Elise’s hands flew up to cover her face, shaking her head wildly as a full body blush engulfed her.

Alejandro laughed. After a minute, he said, ‘Open your eyes, guapa. The ordeal is over.’

She dragged her hand down her face to see him toss the washcloth away. ‘That can’t happen again. Ever.’

His smile was arrogantly confident and blatantly possessive. ‘I have extensive and uninhibited plans for your body, amante. After-sex care should be the least of your worries.’

Prowling over her, he took her mouth in a long, mind-melting kiss. ‘Do I have a say in these plans at all?’

His mouth drifted down her collarbone, planting kisses on her skin. ‘Only when it comes to vocalising your pleasure.’

She cringed. ‘I seriously doubt that will happen.’

He smiled against her skin. ‘Is that a challenge?’

A sliver of ice cooled her desire. ‘No. It’s not.’

Alejandro’s head jerked up. ‘What’s wrong?’

Elise shook her head. ‘It’s nothing... I don’t want to ruin the...this.’

‘Then tell me what’s wrong.’

‘What you said about being vocal...it was another of those motherly pieces of advice I received when...’ She pressed her lips together. ‘Can we change the subject, please?’

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